Tuesday 2 December 2008

All going swimmingly

Still swimming. Actually, I've know become addicted to swimming. During yesterday's 80-length parade, I even considered training for a triathlon. But I knew it was the lethal mix chlorine and hormones sending stupid signals to my brain. Although I do admire triathletes, I will always admire them from afar.

Due to time constraints this week, I'm planning on swimming at lunchtimes. In a vain attempt to keep my hair dry - it's a bit of a drama trying to dry long hair twice a day - I invested in a swimming cap. I picked up a snazzy pink one at the weekend, which I thought would co-ordinate lovely with my black and pink swimsuit. Little did I now that when I stretched the material and put it on, I would look like I had a condom on my head. It definitely wasn't the look I was going for. So there I was by the poolside with a large bump and a contraceptive-looking device on my head...probably gathering looks that suggested "well, we know how she got knocked-up" :-) The worse thing about it was my hair was still soaking wet.

Thanks to everyone who commented, emailed and texted regarding my "Breech Baby" post. I know there's still time to get the midget to turn, but it hasn't stopped me being a drama queen! I'll keep you posted on progress.


Brian Mc said...

Will your midwife try manipulating the baby round from breech? Hope everything is OK, our (K & E & me) thoughts are with you and the mini-MC.

Tim gave good advice though about not getting stressed about chucking your birth plan oot the window. We completely forgot all about ours as soon as it got serious and messy (which happens rather surprisingly quickly)! :-)

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

I think the point of a swimming cap is to stop all your hair falling out and clogging up the pool filter system! Oh and to make you more aerodynamic:-) Mot to keep your hair dry! So long as you don't turn into one of those head above the water breaststroke types!! I really enjoyed swimming till I got that verrucca from hell last year!! So my advice is to protect your feet with a nice pair o rubber socks to go with the hat....I'm sure they come in pink;-)

Debs M-C said...

Swim under water? Ha ha. I can barely breath walking along the street. The cap was stop my hair getting splashed by those over-enthusiast types. You know, the boys who think they can do the butterfly stroke. But look like they're drowning.

Woohoo I never thought about the matching rubber socks. What an ensemble that would be :-)

allybea said...

Sorry I missed your orginal post re breech baby. No3 was breech for most my pregnancy then decided to be transverse. I went into labour fully expecting a C-section. The little sod turned round the right way at the very last minute and was delivered normally and very quickly. Keep an open mind. Things change very quickly at the last minute.

BTW The Runner was breech, early and a tiny 6 pounder. Look at him now! Well, maybe that's not very reassuring!!!

Ali x

N.D. said...

When will you go back to see if he/she has turned?? Swimming will be great. For me, it is hard to find a pool. It was awesome the last few years having one at my work but they knocked it down for construction last summer :(
Good job a swimming!! Are you still wearing your normal suit? I have been when I go, but I don't know how long it will last. Maybe a bunch of drag suits on top so as not to show too much skin.