Friday 12 December 2008

Leg cramps

Thanks to Tim's worldly-wise advice, I have been knocking back the tonic water. It would be a whole lot better with a dash of Bombay Sapphire, some ice and a slice of lime, but I'll have to bank that until next month. So far, so good, as I haven't had anymore painful calf cramps.

Whilst polishing off another bottle last night (I don't even bother with a glass anymore) Sonic asked to try some. I knew he wouldn't like, but he took a small sip and his face said it all. It was like trying to feed a toddler brussel sprouts. Anyway during the night Sonic's calves cramped and he practically kicked me out of the bed before shrieking: "see that tonic water stuff doesn't work"...And that folks, is another snippet of my life...


Subversive Runner said...

Blinding news about the little'un, Debs.


Marco Consani said...

Tonic water ?!?!? What a load of cr@p.


Tim said...

That's brilliant news about the breech business Debs. So glad it's turned. Now you can look forward to the joys of natural childbirth. ;-)

Also glad that the tonic water seems to be helping. A bit of a shot in the dark really but hey, if it works, lets not knock it. Moxibustion is just craziness though. ;-)

Marco clearly needs more gin in his tonic to make it palatable. Start off half and half and then slowly cut the gin back. ;-)

N.D. said...

What is the tonic water supposed to do, turn the baby? Sounds yucky!! Leg cramps is weird!!!