Thursday 13 November 2008

Quick catch up

Saturday: Had a long lie (which is 8am for me), cleaned the house, went to my antenatal yoga class, went along to the Uni 5-miler race to pick up Sonic, then to the movies to see James Bond (not my choice), dinner at the Ashoka, home to watch X-Factor (my choice) and in bed by 10.30pm. How's that for cramming it in?

Sunday: Only managed a five mile jog this morning, before undoing all my good-doing over lunch with the girls.

Monday: Just a steady 45 minute cycle at the gym at lunchtime.

Tuesday: Gym in morning. 30 mins on ellipital trainer and then 45 mins on the bike. Went for a hour swim after work. Got really annoyed in the pool as it was quite busy and there was a couple of young guys standing at the bottom getting in the way. Who stands about in a freezing cold indoor pool? I was close to screaming: "It's not f-ing Tenerife. Swim or get out." I think they sensed my annoyance and moved to the spa pool.

Wednesday: Antenatal class this morning. A lovely two hour chat on all the things that can go wrong. Nice. Went to the gym after work for 30 minutes on the elliptical trainer and a 30 minute swim.

If you're still awake...I promise I'm going for a run tonight.

Hitting the West Highland Way tomorrow. It's Sonic's birthday on Saturday, so we're heading up north for a couple of days. He doesn't know where yet. All he knows is that he's got to run 20 miles on the WHW tomorrow morning.


Stephen Mulrine said...

Laura wuz robbed!

N.D. said...

It's inspiring that you are still going strong with your workouts. I'm having a rough week, and when that happens I think it is the end - but then I read your blog and get hope!! Great job!

Subversive Runner said...

Woop woop for X-factor's Spanish burd (whatever her name is!!). She lives up the road from me.

Anonymous said...

Hi, nice to hear from you. I am enjoying reading how you are getting on, you are so motivated! Hopefully see you next Sunday then and hear more about it. Caroline