Tuesday 17 February 2009

Plan needed

Yesterday, Cairn and I went for an eight mile walk. I really enjoyed moving briskly and getting some fresh air. He was so underwhelmed that he slept the whole way. I was weird to think that the last time I walked this route round Dumbarton I was trying to bring on labour.

Today I had a dentist appointment at 10am. I swear I had to start getting organised at 7am. Gone are the days when I'm showered, dressed and out the door in an hour. There always seems to be some drama - usually involving frequent changes and feeds. Cairn decided to throw up on my boobs %-) And when I whipped him out of the bath to answer the door to the postman - he peed all down the front of my top. Just when I was telling the postman he's as "good as gold".

Then the health visitor was round in the afternoon to check on Cairn's progress and my mental well-being. Gawd, they ask a lot of daft questions. Like am I "managing" to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yeah, probably about two of each and snacks.

After Sonic finished work, I got to go for a run. Thankfully he's got a new lunchtime training group, so we don't need to divvy up weeknight running time. Unfortunately I don't really know anyone in the area, so any me-time exercise involves waiting on Sonic or a 55 mile round trip to where all my family live.

Tonight I was hoping to pick up the pace a little. Lord knows I couldn't go any slower than Sunday's run - without going backwards. Again, I felt better and fitter, but I was slightly overdressed. I hadn't really taken into account the sudden rise in temperature. Two running tops weren't needed. I did a one mile warm-up and then five-miles at a steady pace. I don't quite have the drive to push the pace. Which is probably just as well, as I would only end up injuring an already ruined body.

Total distance: Five miles. 48:39. Splits 10.01, 9.34, 9.37, 9.36, 9.45. Average 9.43. I really need some hill training, as I got to pot on even the slightest incline.

I've been thinking over the last couple of weeks, I need a plan. Although my aim is to start with the women's 10K in May and then build up to the Devils in August, I've got no idea how to get there.

I bought this book and it seems to give some solutions. It's based on three quality runs a week. There's a 12 week 10K plan, which I'm going to follow. I'll report back once I've read some more.


Mark said...

Really enjoying your blog Debs. Fascinating reading about the changes to your, and Marco's, life that your little bundle of joy has brought.

Also, wonderful that you are already back doing 5 milers.



Brian Mc said...

Yep, I used to be able to get out of the house easily and quickly, but now it seems (no actually does)take hours. Ah, kids. You can sort of understand why ultra running is sometimes discussed as an older persons sport - they are the only people with enough time, and younger runners are probably not quite daft/senile enough yet. :-)

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hey Debs. First time I've had chance to check blogs...tho alas not update mine. Great to see you're back running. Take your time -for now it's not a race!

R x