Monday 14 May 2012

10 out of 10

Yesterday I toed the line for my annual 10K.  Yep, the last 10K I did was the same event last year.  And the year before that. And that. It's safe to say it's not my preferred distance.  But the Ignis Asset Management Women's 10K is by far my favourite race.  I love it.  Makes me proud to be a Weejie :-) And a burd.

 I know it would be easier doing a cut 'n' paste of the same race report each year, but I can't speak highly enough of this race.  It's magical.  And for once, Glasgow ladies are drinking in a different kind of spirit :-)  It's the catalyst for so many Scottish club runners, but attracts hoards of first-timers and charity runners.  Participants come in all ages and (quite literally) shapes and sizes.  Sonic hit the nail on the head when we arrived with "You know on paper, 10,000 women in lycra should be a dream come true.  It's just a shame it's in Glasgow"

This year was my 10th in a row. Considering my big race is just over two weeks away, the timing threw a big spanner in the training schedule, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. I'd crawl round on my hands and knees if I had to.

For once, I actually prepared for this and made the race a key event for 2012. Although I had to realistic about the respect I could dedicate to the distance, as there were quite a few 100+ mile week in the build-up. Although thanks to MJ the Messiah's lunchtime training sessions, I was confident a PB was on the cards.   Even the race conditions of  heavy rain and crazy-forced winds, didn't dampen my spirits.  There was a whole lot of fire in my belly.

The Garscube B team.  Jill, the GM, me and Maz

I managed to scrape in a PB - by 2.5 minutes! - to finish in 43.27 (ave 6.57m/m).   Overall position was 78th out of 8000+.  I not only made the first page of the Evening Times' results pullout, but I made the first column.  Woohoo.  OK, my name my be squeezed on the very last line, but it's still the same column as Freya Murray...who was first in a mere 10 minutes faster. 

Well done to everyone.  See you there next year. Same time, same place.  Although Sonic might send me some links for women-only races in Sweden, Holland, Brazil... :-)


Kaz said...

Well done debs! Great time. Loved sonic's comment - too funny!

Johann said...

Wow, super fast time! Congratulations!

Silke said...

Superb! Well done. A shame I missed it this year.

John Kynaston said...

Well done Debs.

Hope everything is going well for the long one.

ultra collie said...

great running

Davie said...

You rather modestly omit that your photo also appears in the ET pic of the start. Mind you the SDM might take umbrage.

Vicky said...

Fantastic running Debs, you're flying at the moment. I'm sure this all bodes well for the Biggie!!

PS. Loved your interview on the WHW podcast - especially the 'warrior' part - fair made me chuckle lol x