Monday 3 August 2009

Buggies, books and back to bloody work!

Whilst flicking though this monht's Runner's World (I'm a self-confessed flicker of magazines) I came across this Q&A.

Q) Does pushing my child in a jogging buggy offer any additional training benefits?

A) Absolutely, because it's more challenging, especially if you're running uphill. Studies have shown that you can burn up to 20 per cent more calories (depending on the weight on your child) while pushing a jogging buddy at any given pace. You'll work your cardiovascular system harder, and pushing the buggy will strengthen several muscle groups - especially the pecs, triceps, deltoids, quads and hamstring.

See! It is tough work. I still maintain that the baby jogger has really help me get back my fitness and speed.

I wish I had more time to read magazines properly. We've got subscriptions to Runner's world, Running Fitness and My Race. I have pile of unread/half-read copies filed under "maybe one day", but will inevitably end up in the recycle bin. Some still in the packaging. Don't be alarmed though, as we have two subscriptions to Runner's World. Yes, one of us was supposed to cancel (think it was me) but then who would get first dibs at reading? Our postman must think we're a bit mental.

We've also got a whole library collection of running books. We're both reading quite a few at the same time. I think there might be a couple that I've read cover-to-cover, but mostly I just dip and flick. The best thing: Two runners + one house = I get to buy the books I want to read as gifts. Result. Right now I'm reading Dean Karnazes 50/50 (a gift I bought for Sonic). It's one of the many books on my bedside table that I'm half-way though.

Thankfully I get more time to run than I do to read.

Monday: 4.5m of one minute intervals (34:11 ave pace 8:02)
Tuesday: 6.5 easy/steady - hips started to ache (ave 8:02)
Wednesday: Rest day due to achy hips
Thursday: Brutal 7.5m club run. Coach Lesley sent us over every hill in Bearsden. Loved it (1hr:2 ave 8:24)
Friday: Rest
Saturday: Hilly 7 miles with Baby Jogger (ave 8:43)

So tomorrow, I'm back to work in the office. It will be Cairn's first full-day at nursery. He was in for a few hours for few days last week and got on great. He's such a happy wee chappy and loves being round other kids, so I know he will love it. Note the self-assuring chat. I'm not totally over-joyed about leaving him with strangers, but I was really comforted during my visits to see the set up and goings-on. Plus - selfish I know - I like working. I wouldn't feel like a proper person if I didn't work. I take my hat off to full-time Mums and can totally understand why women break their hearts when they HAVE to go back to work. The nursery is only five minutes aways from my office (and Sonic's office is just round the corner from mine) so I'm also comforted by the fact that he's so close. Cairn that is, not Sonic :-) Shame the city-centre location doesn't come with a comforting price-tag. But I'm sure it will be worth every penny. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to hold off for baby number two.


Subversive Runner said...

Re: your question- Mrs Mac put my shoes in the washing machine cos she was so disgusted with them!!

Thomas said...

I cannot see Richard Askwith's "Feet in the clouds" in your pile. Highly recommended!
See you Saturday,

Clare said...

i feel exactly the same way about working and it does help if the kid is happy there, i'm sure he'll have tons of fun.
i should get out more with the jogger, i'm sure it does help speed and such but it's counterintuitive that running slower makes you faster.

John Kynaston said...

Can I borrow your baby jogger???

Maybe that will give me the extra edge in my training??

See you bright and early on Saturday.


Ben Melby said...

Another book: "Once a Runner" by John L. Parker - the best piece of running fiction out my humble opinion! It is a cult obsession in the U.S. but little known in the U.K. from what I gather.

Subversive Runner said...

Debs, I had planned to come to Scotland this weekend to be an Ultra Groupie at the Devil. However, it has transpired that taking the Brady Bunch away for a week has a significant effect on the monthly finances so that is not to be. Boo, Hoo! Have a great run, missus.

Anonymous said...

I've had to change my mind again! Saw your last comment on my blog - I never got a text from you or I would have replied! My phone is a bit funny sometimes and has patches of not receiving messages, I sent you one a little earlier, maybe you didn't get that. Good luck and see you in the morning.

Thomas said...

Debs, I have put the Devil Pictures on Flickr


Tim said...

Just seen you result. Absolutely fantastic Debs! You must be over the moon. Well done!