Monday 17 August 2009

What next?

The countdown clock above is still set for the Devil's race. Mainly because Sonic put it on for me and I don't know how to change it, but also because I'm not sure what to do next. The plan was to wait and see what kind of state the race left me in. I'm glad to report that all is well. I went over my ankle (just a weakness) a few hours after the race, but it was OK after a couple of days. My legs and joints felt a bit stiff and weak, but two miles on the treadmill on Wednesday and I felt much better. On Thursday I did a hilly nine miles with Sonic. We were going to go to the club on Thursday night, but when I heard the planned route for the tempo run I bowed out. My knees felt really stiff, so I took Friday and Saturday off.

Yesterday I did the Achilles Heel Bella 5K. It's one the key races in Garscube's Summer League. I've pretty much missed most the season, so I'm having the cram-run the last few races. After my buddy's 40th birthday party on Saturday night (and a few too many grape juices) I wasn't in the best shape for a 5K. But after Sonic did the talking-through-Cairn thing:"look at your Mum, Cairn. Isn't she a drunken bum?" I had to save face and turn up for the race. Remarkably I felt better than I deserved too. Despite the strong winds and the overwhelming urge to throw up wine, I actually got a PB. 23:05. Don't laugh OK. I'm not cut-out to be a short-distance runner! But boy was I glad it was only 5K.

So what next, indeed? I'm thinking about the Loch Ness Marathon in October. I can still apply for a club place up until September 12. I haven't done any marathon specific training, so I'm not holding out for a PB. But somewhere close to my 3:31 would be nice...but I'm undecided. Possibly the River Ayr Way Race? But I'm not sure I have the inclination to run another 40m+ race. Especially on a route I can potentially to get lost on. I'm still not sure whether I can be bothered with the Great Scottish Run half-marathon either. I'm going to try an 18-20 road run at the weekend and take it from there.


neets next mara said...

just a mere 18 - 20 miles at the weekend! ARE YE MAD WUMIN! i'm just jealous... go girl! x

Lee Maclean said...

Aw Debs come to Ayr, it'll be fun.
Who cares if you get lost, George Reid was lost for most of the route last year.
And you-know-who ran it still full of the previous nights alchohol intake.
Go on Go on Go on.
It'll be a giggle.

Mrs Mac

stanb said...

I am not running the River Ayr this year and happy to provide back up and directions if you want.


Subversive Runner said...

Debs, have you seen 'Sexy Beast'?

River Ayr Way Race- Yes. No. Yes...yes...YES...YES...YES

Brian Mc said...

I'd go running in the hills if I were you. Check out the hill running calendar or just pick a big string of munros to do and run them. I've been tempted to try to run all the munros in Glencoe in 1 circular route starting at the Buachaille but I live ages away, whilst they are on your doorstep. Set yourself a challenge and head off! :-)