Friday 29 May 2009

Good luck message from Cairn

To everyone running in Edinburgh. This is everything you need to know about running a marathon :-) Sound advice really.

Get your suncream out. After looking at the forecast I fear the sweat with be running faster than most legs.


Thomas said...

Thanks Cairn! But why are you not running? Your mum should not have an excuse since she has got this fantastic baby jogger now???


Subversive Runner said...

LOL!!!! At last I'm starting to get my ear into the Scots Brogue!!!

I make you right, Cairn but I think it's more indicative of a rotten political system than simply MP's greed. But I take your point.

John Kynaston said...

I started playing the video and Katrina and Jo ran in to the study to see what I was watching!!

Katrina said, 'ah, there's my little friend!'

I hope Marco doesn't wake you both up when he gets in at 3.30am or so in the morning!


N.D. said...


Davie said...

Cairn just qualified for the final of BGT! He's certainly better than some of the stuff that's on just now!

If Marco doesn't JR and I'll give you a toot as we pass. But that'll be a bit later!

"e Brutto" said...

Sounds just like his dad - I imagine ;¬), certainly has sonics likeness.

Planning on an early morning long run tomorrow to avoid the sun.

To answer a previous post yes, I also prefer to run the same raining routes.
not sure why perhaps the memory gives me hope of finishing :¬)

They use scales at official check points to determine hydration levels on hot ultras in the states.
Sorry about that...a common feeling for new mothers I imagine.
Faced with her first baby and first set of kittens why mother multitasked and carried us all in the same pram.

Natalie D said...

Thanks for that tip - I am horrible @ picking!! I love the pic of Cairn on the sidebar there at the Fling. Adorable!