Sunday 17 May 2009


This weekly blogging is becoming a bit of a habit. Maybe I'm not superwoman after all. I'm mean with being a full-time working Mother (minus the childcare), 247 milk machine, maid, cook, coach and wannabe athlete, you'd think I'd have loads of time on my hands. Thankfully I'm a member of the fairer sex and just get on with it. Although I did take it to a new level last week I was feeding Cairn, making the dinner and replying to emails on my Blackberry at the same time.

So I've been back working for the last couple of weeks. Well, working from home. I wasn't sure I was motivated enough, but I actually get loads more done. And I'm lovin' it. Not that I've ever been away from work you understand. Sonic used to threaten to confiscate my Blackberry.

Although I love hanging out with Cairn, I'm so not cut-out to be a stay-at-home-Mom. I did try the baby group thing. A baby massage class, in fact. The first couple of weeks were great. But by week five we were still talking about our childbirth experiences and breastfeeding, so I losing the will to live. Maybe they were a little more wholesome than me. Especially when they were excitedly telling me about the Baby Rhythm Time class they go to on a Friday morning. I found myself saying: "oh that would be lovely" when really I thinking: "I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty compass". I never went back.

I have converted the room (uh hum, cupboard) under the stairs into my office. Now I know how Harry Potter felt. I spend many long hours without even a window for sanity. I pretty much start work as soon as I get up. Given the light mornings, can be as early as 5am. When we move house, I promise I'm going to buy black-out blinds. My early morning meanderings could be grounds for divorce. The only thing with working from home, is there's no cut off point. No 9 to 5. So I could be sitting at my PC at 6am and still working at 10pm.

I'm usually up and organised before Cairn even stirs. And he sleeps through the night. I know, I've been blessed. Actually there was a day last week, when I had to wake him up at 9.45am. Not because it might mess up his routine, but because I was starting to look like Lola Ferrari. Anyway, I wished I had left him sleeping. Within the space of 30 minutes he'd puked on me, peed on the carpet and sh*t in the bath. Babies, eh? Can't live with 'em. Can't sell them on Ebay :-)

This week it's been a hard slog trying to fit in some running and general exercise. On Tuesday night, I did my usual 10-mile on the Balloch Horseshoe. Sonic always mocks me for running the same routes all the time. Does anyone else do this? I don't usually like a route until I've done it a few times. On Thursday, I did my usual seven mile tempo run round Dumbarton. See me, see creature of habit.

But wait, On Saturday I pushed the boat right out and did something different - I ran from the house (via Drymen) to Balmaha. OK it starts on the Balloch Horseshoe and I have ran from Drymen to Balmaha more times than I can mention, but I've never linked it all together. And I've never done the bit in the middle. Does this count? Wow what a great route. Undulating country roads, peaceful cycle paths and then onto the West Highland Way before Drymen. I knew this was going to be a tough 18.5 mile run, but I didn't really flag until I got to Conic Hill. I was pretty glad my journey would be over at the other side. I tried to run as much as I could, but was reduced to walking at the mega steep bits. Except when I jogged past a group of hikers and I overheard one saying "Look, there's a fell runner". Oh boll*cks! I felt obliged to keep going to save face. Thankfully the wind was behind me on the way up, but it didn't help on the descent on the other side. Being pushed off a steep muddy hill in road shoes wasn't pleasant. And the fact that my quads were screaming didn't help. Hopefully giving my legs are good kickin' should see me right for my first long run on the WHW - Kingshouse to Fort William. It's my favourite section, so I can't wait.

total time 3:19. Average pace 10:56 m/m


Clare said...

i hear you on the boobs...i'm waiting for my kid to wake up now...we're going on almost 12 hours here...

so impressed with your running!!

Natalie D said...

Hahahah this was so funny to read! Glad you are getting to work from home ( I wish I could!) and have a nice sleeping baby and fit in the nice runs of tradition. It cracked me up about the meeting that you went to, haha. At least you tried!

Subversive Runner said...

Accumulating that baby milk is going to your head, woman! A great post spoiled by an elevation map and pacing nonsense.....the sooner you're back on the vino collapso the better.

Davie said...

Sun-tanned Davie here! WTF is all this water falling from the sky? After running sandy trails for two weeks and geting my trainers wet with incoming waves, I'm now trying to pluck up the enthusiasm for long runs this week. That run from the Vale to Balmaha is one I've thought about running from the posh side of Carman. Where do you turn off the Horseshoe?
Well done at the Wummin's 10k by the way. You'll soon find that post pregnant runners can bear the pain of running hard all the better and the stronger pelvic unit will help you maintain form better so MUCH FASTER times beckon!!!


Debs M-C said...

Davie - After Lochend Cottage (or the blue house as I call it) take the left to Croftamie. Before you get to Croftamie there's a cycle diversion off to the left. Follow the track down to the town, through the gates and over the road. That leads (over the steel bridge) to the WHW. About 1.5 miles outside of Drymen.

Then there's a wee McColl's bus from Balmaha back to Alexandria. That was my plan, but I missed it by about five minutes. They only run every 1.5 hours, so I had to call Marco to come and get me. Oops.

Brian Mc said...

Luckily I've never suffered from massve milk swollen boobs myself but having seen such sights I reckon getting Cairn up was worth the pee and puke.

Lucky you having a sleeping baby. I think boys tend to do that more. We're (well I'm) hoping for a boy next time (not that anything has actually happened in this respect yet). The idea of another far too mentally wired for ones own good baby girl fills me with horror. Please give us a sleeping baby please ... :-)

Oh and super impressed with your back to work running antics - keep it up!

Stephen Mulrine said...

Re: being mocked for running the same route all the time, does this comment left on my blog last year ring a bell? " more of the usual 3.4 mile route. Variety is the spice of life. Honest."


Thomas said...

Brian, stop complaining about your baby not sleeping. I would go that far that (unconciously) baby Eilidh was part of your race preparation since she prepared you to cope with sleep deprevation.

Debs, I hardly recognised you on that photo. Probably because of that lip gloss.