Thursday 28 May 2009

Baby jogging debut

The time has come to get the new wheels on the road. My lovely Baby Jogger Performance Series has been locked in its box in the spare room for months - eagerly awaiting the day that Cairn was big and sturdy enough to ride in it.

Sonic bought me it for Christmas. Apparently it was a "Sh*t present" but it was what I wanted. Actually I said to Sonic that we should cap our Christmas expenditure at £250, as the year before we had gone a bit OTT. When he asked why, I replied "obviously the thing I want is £250" :-)

So today was our debut performance. I started working early so I could take Cairn out for a spin at lunchtime. Jeez by the time I'd got everything sorted I was so over it.

Here's a picture of Cairn in his Baby Jogger. You can tell he's distinctly underwhelmed by the experience. He's got a look that says: "When I can speak, I'm going to tell everyone I'm adopted". I know he's secretly wishing he'd going to wake up in the reality TV show or that someone is going to slip up and call him Truman.

The Baby Jogger is light and easy to maneuver, but it doesn't mean it's easy to run with. It will definitely take a bit of getting used to. I liken it to the first time I ran with a waist/back pack. I thought it was a restrictive nightmare at first, but now it's second skin. Regardless of the mechanics, I'm still pushing over two stone in front of me (Cairn is now 16lbs!). My arms ached from the word go, so hopefully continued use might strengthen them.

Today I managed a 10-mile out-and-back over to Croftamie. It's a undulating country road, so only a handful of cars passed me. I'm going to use the Jogger on quiet roads and cycle paths. No bumps and pavements. Today I drove up to the start of the road though. Not only because I didn't want to tackle pavements, but I don't think Alexandria is quite ready for a Baby Jogger. It would just look like I'd stolen a baby.


Herbalife Las Vegas said...

First time seeing your blog. The baby is soo cute.

Emmett said...

Love the pics on the right also.

Clare said...

a 10 mile debut with the jogger? geez, i though my 5.5 was good! nice job! and it does get i expect to hear about a 20 miler with it next week ok?

Davie said...

And what did Cairn think?

Hope you don't meet the Balloch Boy Racers on the horseshoe. One past me on Friday doing at least 50 and didn't even look like slowing down.
And beware the wummin with the free range kids, she hates Milburn runners and might mistake you for one!

N.D. said...

10 miles on that thing. Holy crap!!

RunningMama said...

I thought i would be a cute little jogging mommy with my jogging stroller. Ych! I hate it. My hubby is so p*ssed that we spent so much $$ on it and I rarely use it (and when I do there is much whining!). THX for the Simon Cowell compliment:> That's the beauty of a semi-anonymous blog!! Glad you found me!!

Dario said...

emmmm, can I ask if you still know where your Gym ball is?

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