Wednesday 25 November 2009

Ginger Ninja Security Services

Hi folks, Sorry it's been a while. I have started many posts, but never got round to finishing them. Shame I can't say the same about a bottle of wine :-) Anyway here's a summary (a combination of half-baked posts) of the life o' Debs over the last week (s) or so.

Saturday, November 14.

If it wasn't for the fact that I was meeting Ian and Sharon on Saturday morning for a WHW run (Milngavie to Balmaha), I could have easily been persuaded into having a PJ day. It was wet 'n' wild and I felt a little out of sorts.

The topic of conversation was always going to be that week's "incident". One flippant, tongue-in-cheek blog posting and Ian's character and intent was questioned and scrutinised. Thankfully everyone who knows or has met him would agree he's a top-notch, thoroughly decent guy. How could a man who carries hand gel to disinfect his hands after an al fresco comfort break possibly have a malicious bone in his body? :-) Even if his name was marked, he had the two red-heads from Ayrshire there to protect him. Well, Sharon could have talked them to death :-)

Although the weather wasn't great, we had a fab day out. The rain was pretty consistent apart from a dry spell from the Beech Tree Inn when we were wading through knee deep (that's thigh deep for Sharon) puddles anyway.

As you will no doubt know, long runs are always a game of peaks and troughs. I had quite a few more troughs than normal. You know you're in good company when I yelped "Jeez I'm totally bonking" and no one bats an eyelid. Thankfully I had an emergency gel to save the day. Next time, I'll be back to my ol' faithful jelly babies though.

Arriving in Balmaha, where Sonic had kindly "volunteered" to pick us up, we were sodding wet and mankie. I have to admit, I was slightly broken as well. And sitting in the car in wet clothes back to Milngavie didn't help. I felt pretty rubbish for the rest of the day and couldn't face food until about 8pm. Then I was spewing during the night, so I guess I had a bit of a bug. Not a bug with hands and feet before you ask!

W/c November 16

I took a couple of days off and then did a 8 mile tempo on Tuesday (ave 7:47), 500 reps on Wednesday and a club run on Thursday (ave 7:59). On Friday I went out with Johnston's Joggers (I think this could stick, Mark) to do strides on Glasgow Green's football pitches. This time I arranged to meet Sonic et al there, as there was no danger of me doing my 10K pace to keep up with them.

Sunday I was out with Sharon for 14 miles around the Balloch Horseshoe. Sharon usually describes her routes as "a bit bumpy" or "challenging". I described this one as: "It starts off very hilly and then gets less very hilly". The weather was favourably to start, but then the wind and rain picked up. The last few miles were a case of heads down and think happy thoughts. A cracking run and considering the gradients we were happy to average 8.40 m/m.

This week (yay, I'm up-to-date!)

This week the wind will be playing havoc on a lot of people's training. Yesterday I did a seven mile tempo round the west end (ave 7:55). Considering I didn't get to sleep until 4am, courtesy of small child with a cold, I really enjoyed my run - in the style of JK.

Cairn (and Sonic for that matter) pretty much slept through the night, and I was awake listening to little grunts coming from his room. And then would freak out when I didn't hear little grunts. He kept coughing himself awake and in the end I sent Sonic to the sofa and brought Cairn in with me. Now I know why his cot is back-to-front and inside-out in the morning. I've never seen so many involuntary body movements in my life. I was walloped in the head, karate-chopped in the face, kicked in the stomach. Next time, I bagsy the sofa.

This morning I got up well before the sun to do my reps, so I could do some Christmas shopping at lunchtime. 20 x step reps in Kelvingrove park. Big tick. Three new tops for me. Fail. Oh well, must try harder.

Phew! That's it folks. I'm off for a wee lie down...


Marco Consani said...

3 new tops??? Didn't you just tell me an hour ago that you bought one new top?
Well done though, you have had a good weeks training.


Debs M-C said...

One top. Three tops. What's the difference? Three of my tops would the size of one of yours...that's what I meant. I have since tried them on, and I'm only keeping one of them. Unless Santa is bringing me some boobs for Christmas xx

Davie said...

You and Sharon must have done Ian's ears in. how else would he look so bloody miserable in the team photo?

Debs M-C said...

Davie - that's Ian's best camera smile :-)

Davie said...

Not at all. I have a collector's item from the Devil O TH. (Taken shortly before breaking my camera - a curse on it methinks)

Subversive Runner said...

Top Photo!! Ian looks like a Scottish pimp!!!

Subversive Runner said...
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Brian Mc said...

Sounds like a great weeks training.

Also sounds like your wee fella is a night time ninja. Little E is the same. We once tried her in bed with us but after some serious accidental GBH caused by midnight movements we never did it again.

Keith Hughes said...

top photo and a great post.. reckon you need to ttfu a bit but you are doin well and well done on the run to work.. Atb cb