Tuesday 20 October 2009

First WHW run of the season

Saturday, October 17: Out and back - Tyndrum to Beinglas. Approx 25 miles.

I had a crackin' run up until about 18 miles. Felt brilliant and really enjoyed the steady pace, lots of chat and the beautiful autumn day.

I stupidly let my guard down, tripped on a rock and went flying. My knees took the brunt of it. But I managed to bruise my right hip and shoulder in the process. Where were you with the camera then, eh Davie?

You know you're a real runner when despite rolling about in the dirt, screaming like a banshee and swearing like a drunken sailor...I managed to lift my shaking hands to stop my watch :-)

After assessing the situation, I realised that I couldn't go on. Although there was no spraining, I was having serious bother bending my knees. Sharon continued on the six mile track to get to the car, and I headed down into Crianlarich - where she was going to pick me up.

Although it was nice sunny day, it was certainly fresh. I was sitting on the side of road contemplating hypothermia, when the voice of angel shouted: "Debs, do you want a lift?" Not quite an angel, but Brian Garry. After a series of ungraceful moves to get off the pavement, I hobbled across the road and into the back of the car. I know I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, but it took me about five minutes to realise that Brian had hitched. I thought the driver was one of the group. Poor guy. Not only had he made the mistake of stopping to pick up a sweaty runner. He had to stop and pick up his sweaty runner pals en route :-) Thankfully he had god on his side as there was about four different versions of the bible on the backseat next to me. Bizarre, I know.

It wasn't long before Sharon appeared, armed with bottles of Coke. I was still pretty cold, so jumped into the back of the car to get changed. My second screaming session of the day was when Davie appeared at the window to see how I was. I think he got more of a fright than I did though! He was certainly having a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time-day, as five minutes later he drove passed Sharon standing in her bra!

When I got home, Sonic had indeed been out shopping and was in charge of dinner making duties. I should blog that more often. His signature dish - tuna steaks and spinach. He doesn't get to exercise his culinary skills very often - mainly because I'm a control freak - but it was damn good!

Sunday was pretty much a right off, as bending my knees was pretty tough. I spent the day going up and down the stairs on my bum...and trying to master the art of peeing standing up! :-)

When the big black bruises appeared Sonic said: "Ah, I actually believe you now".


John Kynaston said...

Sounds painful!

Hope your knees are recovering and you'll be soon back running.


Davie said...

Did I tell you my new camera has a video facility? I had it running when I drove past at the end. DVDs for sale at the Barras.

Well at my age...

Loon Dod said...

Shit thats a bummer, get well soon.

Clare said...

too funny about stopping your watch...!

Fiona Rennie said...

Reading about your fall brought back a memory of a fall I had. I was running along quite happily until I caught my toe, went up in the air and landed on my chest in the position usually adopted by skydivers before deploying the ‘chute. A large boulder right in my solar plexus knocked all the air out of me and I thought both lungs had collapsed. The words of concern from Pauline. “Stop your watch, stop your watch!”

Ian said...

It sounds a bad one; hopefully you've not done any serious damage. And anyway, are falls like that not meant to be left to me?


ps who are all the people in the photo? I hardly recognise any of them.

Vicky said...

Hope you get better soon. x