Friday 10 July 2009

You'd think I would know better

Yesterday I went to Achilles Heel to pick up the new Asics Trabucos I ordered. I'm not entirely sure I have done the mileage in my last ones, but when I saw that the new version are pink I just HAD to have them. Plus I knew that at few more long training runs in the soon to be RIP-Trabucos and it would be game-over. So best to break in the new ones and have the better cushioning for the big race. Right? Oh and they're pink and lovely too :-)

So while I was in the store, I had a bit of time to kill as I was waiting for Sonic to finish with his sports' massage - administered by the wee-but-brutal, Christine. I spotted the Nike Lunar. I've read a bit about them in Runner's World and I know there are representatives from Nike coming along to showcase them at the Parkrun tomorrow. I was intrigued.

Now you'd think with a honours degree, post-graduate diploma, professional qualifications and 10 years in experience in MARKETING that I might have wised-up to gimmicky products. Nope, not me. I bought a pair. In my defense I'm genetically programmed to like new shoes. And gimmicky shoes? That's a little bit of heaven, that is. They are so light and comfortable they're like walking in bouncy slippers. I'll be trying them out in tomorrow's 5K. Watch this space.

Just in case you think I'm all-the-gear-no-idea, I went along to club training after my spending spree. I must thank Big Stevie for choosing the route along the canal and onto to the million-miles long Alderman Road. Regular readers will probably know that my least favourite routes are the canal and the Kelvin Walkway. I call them the al fresco treadmill - as the scenery doesn't change and they go on forever. I don't know whether my runs this week have taken their toll, but I felt like we were running faster than we were. As I made a song and dance about splits in my last blog entry, I'd better post them: Seven miles in total 8.46, 8.29, 8.19, 8.07, 8.16, 8.21, 8.15.


Davie said...

Hey! Pssst! Wanna buy the West Highland Way? Yours at ASDA price! Make me an offer!
You'll be the owner of the toughest trail in Scotland and you can rent it out to race promoters three times a year to get your money back. Guaranteed.

Subversive Runner said...

Oh no! I'd drunk no vino at all when I wrote my last blog post! Does this mean my ramblings are becoming evidence of an unbalanced mind? I asked Mrs Mac and she said: 'There is rather a lot of swearing.' BTW, liking the pink shoes.