Wednesday 8 July 2009

On the way to a good 5K?

Last night I had a great run. You know one of those runs when everything comes together? I could have easily been talked out of it, but I soldiered on knowing that I would feel better for it afterwards. What was supposed to be a tempo run was in danger of becoming an easy/steady, but I managed to get in the way of it.

Following a tip from Rachel, I did a one mile warm-up (9.30m/m) and then re-set my watch and went for it. I often found that I would go out too fast, to keep my average pace down. I didn't really have a goal pace in mind, I just wanted to push it for six miles. I was consistently ticking off 7+m/m, so felt great. I felt lighter and faster than I have done for months. I wasn't even completely spent when I finished. I couldn't wait to plug my watch in and check out the splits. But then I soon discovered that a certain person borrowed my Garmin for a certain long-distance race and decided to change all the settings and turn off the autolaps. And said certain person neglected to mention it or even change it back. So when I downloaded the data to SportTracks, all I could get was the summary details. I could say I was slightly completely fizzing, but that would be shallow and over-reactive...Anyway, the average pace for the six miles was 7:35m/m. Fizz. Fizz.

I plan on doing my second ever 5K on Saturday. The Parkrun 5K in Pollok Park, Glasgow. My one and only 5K was back in 2005. A blistering hot JogScotland Glasgow Green effort. Sharon beat me by one second because I had to stop to tie my lace. Nowadays she would have to stop for full outfit change, if I were to have chance of passing her. I can't find the results anywhere but I think it was 24 minutes something. Needless to say, it was such a torturous experience it has taken me four years to forget. Anyway, I digress...last night I wanted to run 3.1m (of my 6m) at a swift-for-me pace to get an idea of a time for Saturday. I covered the fairly hilly distance in 23:30. I would be quite happy with a repeat performance, but would love it if it started with 22. Watch this space.

Today, Sonic was going for an early morning run with John the Jogger - which meant I was up too. It felt like such a long morning that by 10am I think I'd already had breakfast, lunch and dinner. As a break from staring at my computer screen - and to keep me out of the fridge - I took Cairn for a seven-mile run in the Baby Jogger.

The Baby Jogger is getting much easier. The first few attempts were so brutal, it was nearly flung on the "useless must-have purchases" dump. But I'm glad I stuck with it, as I actually quite enjoy it now. I really think it's helping with my speed and strength. It's a tough session, especially on the hilly country roads I usually frequent. I definitely get a few double-takes from the local farmers. Although it's (obviously) a slower pace (today averaged 9:15m/m) it's a great all over workout. And I'm forced to maintain proper running posture - straight, lean and feet turning underneath your body - so that's a bonus too. If anyone wants to try something out their comfort zone, I've got a baby jogger you can borrow. Baby not included.


N.D. said...

I'm glad the jogger is getting easier! Good job on this great run!! I guess all of my trials at healthy desserts have caused me a standstill. are you eating the same amount as pre-preg? more/less? when did all of your weight come off? my email tosha25italia@yahoo

Subversive Runner said...

Looks like a fast time on the cards, Deb!!

John Kynaston said...

The parkrun is really good. Katrina & I have done it the last 2weeks but we are not going this Saturday. Hope you enjoy it and I'll be looking on the results to see how you got on!


Marco Consani said...

I am sure that you can get 22 something. Your training has been going better than you think and you will see it pay off on Saturday. Do it for Cairn... ;-)


PS I am really sorry that I took the auto lap off of the Garmin. :-(

Thomas said...

Debs, you go and get that PB and you are the fastest Debs ever!

22:15 is my guess!

Crazy Garmin

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

I think you're going to nail that 22 something easy. 5ks are tough but short so warm up properly and go for it! If your body starts thinking about dropping the pace just remember it will only be a matter of minutes till it's over! What is it they say..pain is temporary!! xx

Clare said...

22:xx would be fast! and yes, the jogger gets easier... but i still don't love it!