Friday 12 June 2009

The need for speed

And boy do I need to do some speedwork. I want to add some variety and feel light on my feet. I haven't really done any speedwork since before London Marathon last year. After that I toned it down for the WHWR. Now I just feel like I'm plodding along quite happily. But moaning because I'm not getting any faster. Some may define insanity as : doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.

So this week was the start of my new training regime. Not that there's a regime per se. Just a want to take the bull by the horns. Not that you'd catch me near a bull you understand, but you get the drift*.

Anyway on Monday I did 1K reps. Don't get excited, I did three. I learnt back in February - when I got injured for two weeks - not to push it too quickly. So I discovered at 1000m loop round the block of houses next to me and off I went. The first one was torture, but the second and third were better. 4:28, 4:23 and 4:18. Blogging those times should shame me into working harder.

On Tuesday night, I went out for a seven-miler. I couldn't face running through Alexandria again, so I drove up to the start of the Balloch Horseshoe and did a seven-mile loop round Gartochan. It's a fab undulating country road. Plenty of nasty hills to get the heart-rate up. I started out (not feeling too energised) thinking I was going to go easy, but decided to pick up the effort level. Total time 57.56, Average 8.16. 8.50, 8.10, 8.24, 8.09, 8.11 and 8.21.

This weekend I've got two "races". Said in the loosest term as tomorrow I'm the sweeper in the Bearsden & Milngavie 10K. Jeez I hope the last runner isn't too fast for me :-) Would it be wrong to sprint finish? Ha ha. I think finishing behind the sweeper would be wrong. I hope it's not raining. Best pack a stick just in case.

On Sunday I'm pacing Brother Sonic's girlfriend, Gillian, round to get under the hour in the Vale of Leven 10K. Gillian, if you're reading - No parties tomorrow night. I want fire in your belly, not vodka! And if you even consider taking over an hour, I may have to DNF at 6.1 miles. Just kidding, my lovely. I'll ask to be omitted from the results instead :-) See me, see motivational chat.

* This brings me on to another subject. Not bulls, but cows. Why are cows scared from everyone except me? They don't cower away more me, they come at me. A few weeks ago when I was out walking on a country road with Cairn, there was one that came pounding towards me and followed me along the hedge line moo-ing it's head off. I know she was protecting her calf, but it was Cairn who had to protect me. And then last week I was out on the cycle route in the Baby Jogger. Part of the path to Dumbarton cuts across a field and over a bridge. Fine on the way out, but on the way back there was a large herd of cows. I tried but I just couldn't muster up the courage to approach. I was considering turning back, but saw a cyclist to approaching. So along came a 70+ man on a 70+old bike and dispersed them. I hung on behind him, but as soon as he was gone they all came bounding back over. I swear it should have been filmed for youtube. Me pushing a jogger at break-neck speed whilst turning every second and squealing like an idiot. I have since googled "cows that kill" and there are many tales to be told. Try it.


Marco Consani said...

You know that you shouldn't race 2 days in a row...Basic rule... Hard day, easy day... have you forgotten everything?!?!?
Hee hee...


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Well done on the speed work...I haven't done any of htat for months!! Oh and I about the cows...did you ever see that episode of 'The golden hour' where the man got attacked by them in the field...and even the helicopter coudn't scare them off!!

Davie said...

Don't forget to smile:-)) when you pass me. I'll record your run on Sunday for posterity!
As for the coos, it may be affinity with you guarding your child as they guard their calves. Seriously! They may want to help.

N.D. said...

I'm with you on the speedwork! Good job getting back into it. I just started too!

"e Brutto" said...

Cow problems something you share with Wainwright and me.
Several people get killed every year walking through fields. If they have not seen you coming or are at the other side of the field no problem just factor in they can run as fast as you sprinting.
Normally I avoid running back through once they have been disturbed. Going around the outside edge of the field is my usual solution with a stroller do this literally i.e. run along the out side of the fence, farmers understand the risk just say the cows were menacing if challenged.
Planning to post a blog from Koper on the 21st with trip up Triglav (Slovenian national mountain) and the Gorski run, photos probably the following week unless the cybercafe allows me to USB my camera.
Speed work, well I'll try going faster for 5 minutes when I do a 40m fitness run later.

John Kynaston said...

You must come up on the Braes for a run one day. I go past a whole crowd of Highland Cows with horns and everything!

I hope you are using your motivational skills to keep Sonic in order and on track for Saturday.