Sunday 7 June 2009

Garscube Harriers' WHW relay race

Yesterday was the annual WHW relay race. This involved four teams covering the 12 sections and 95 miles of the route. It's more social, rather than competitive. Or maybe that's my excuse for not taking it seriously.

I was running the Bridge of Orchy to Kingshouse section (12 miles) but decided to carry on to Kinlochleven to take in another section and another 9 miles. It was strange finishing a "race" and starting a training run. But it even stranger finishing a training run in Kinlochleven. It's always been the half-way house to Fort William.

(Passing Victoria Bridge)

(Delighted it's all over)

As you will see from the results, I was in the last team. That's three years in a row. I think I'm a jinx.

It's when you look at these results to realise our superhuman Jez and Lucy are. Their course records (15:44 and 17:16) are pretty close to our team efforts of 12 runners.

Although the jury's out on results from the winning team A. Last runner Lesley got lost - ended up on the Lundarva road - and had to get a lift back to Fort William. Mmm, you go figure. Although she is 21 weeks preggers, so she can get away with anything :-) She ran the Helensburgh 10K at couple of weeks ago in a very impressive 44 minutes. I think her PB is like 36 minutes, or something rediculously fast. When I informed her that her pregnant best was faster than my PB she offered to pace me round the Clydebank 10K. I had to politely decline. Can you imagine the shame of being paced by a pregnant gal %-) To be fair, she would probably be more embarrassed finishing in my time.


"e Brutto" said...

Blimey you are faster than me and slimmer, does my 14% body fat count as a baby;¬)

Natalie D said...

Good job on the run! Haha, you were that 21 weeks pregger runner too not too long ago!

"e Brutto" said...

Most people do badly, it is only one part of overall behaviour, which is the chief tool used by the "naturals" depicted in the TV show. There is a teach your self course I have not located yet. I scored ~40% probably high but I am middle aged and have had an "interesting" life at times.

RunningMama said...

So you voluntarily ran 21 miles! Jeez! I think the last time I ran that far was 2005!