Monday 22 June 2009

All over for another year

The day after the WHWR is like the new Boxing Day. I wasn't even running and I feel like there's a void in my life. There's a huge build up, loads of planning, LOTS of chat, kit lists, race strategies, support team requirements and meetings and numerous shopping trips. Now I feel like I've left home and forgotten something.

(nervously awaiting the start)

It was a real eye-opener being on the supporting side this year. I loved every bit of it (well, apart from the midges!) and learned a great deal.

(Team Sonic and Mama Consani)

Sonic's race plan didn't quite come good, but he finished. And that, above everything, is the most important. He knew I would mock him forever if he threw in the towel, so I'm glad I "inspired" him to keep going. And to finish - after having to walk from Kingshouse - in under 24 hours is an amazing achievement.

My HUGHEST congratulations has to go to Sharon, who finished first lady (or is it woman, Dario?) is an awe inspiring time of 19:55. She is only the fourth gal to finish in under 20 hours. She is definitely taking the ultra-running scene by storm. Not bad for a girl who was supporting me last year and was bubbling "never let me do this" at the end. Her second fabulous performance of the day was still having the ability to gyrate on the dance - even with 95 miles in her legs. I think the beer in her belly helped mask the pain though :-)

Well done to everyone who ran. I don't want you slip into a coma, but there are a few special mentions: Scott (Just WoW. Although I'm sure you looked younger at the Fling)Richie (the best bridesmaid in the ultra running scene), Pacepusher (I'm still eating my words), JK (been there, done that, now everyone's got the t-shirt), Billy (we need to have a chat about the wonderful experience that is shoe shopping) Mike (about bloody time), George (fuelled on the black stuff), Wee John (you never did tell us what you were saying) Ian (the BBQ will be more of a party than a cremation this year), Drama Queen (did you get a lift?), Karen (No more kids juice now you've come of age), Davie H (even a pregnant burd beat you), Dave Waterman (shirt, slacks and grown-up shoes for the post-race party? Impressive)

Sharon and Sonic. And they didn't even whine when I dragged them back to the finish this morning.

Hope you all enjoy the recovery. I'm off to Rome for four days. Yippee. Just need to get myself a double-buggy :-) I have tried to ban WHW chat for the holiday, but I doubt we'll get as far as the airport.


John Kynaston said...

Great report.

Have a relaxing week and we'll see you on Saturday.


Davie said...

If I'd known that I'd have cut one of my breaks down to an hour.
Next year!!

Davie said...

Don't read my report on your hols. you've only got four days!

N.D. said...

wow what a cool day/accomplishment! sounds nuts!

Thomas said...

Congrats for extending your goblet collection. I think you now have a spare one?
And thanks for the great cheers you gave me on the way.

See you at the BBQ!

Dario said...

its Woman!
as in womens marathon, womens 100m.
i believe ladies do lunch and play tennis, as in ladies singles final.....