Wednesday 29 April 2009

Enough about him. It's all about me!

Apart from running about after Sonic (and not just on the WHW) I have been pounding the streets myself. I'm nearly up to 30 miles per week. Woohoo, ho'd me back. I've had some cracking 10 mile runs. And a 14-miler that nearly cracked me. Every run gets better and faster. The fact that I'm getting lighter (down to 8st 6lbs)has really helped. I definitely feel lighter on my feet. Still a wee bit to go until I feel comfortable in my pre-preggers jeans, but definitely moving in the right direction. I suppose three months on, I can't use the baby weight as an excuse. Especially when the baby weight is sitting in his Bumbo watching BBC news right now. Strange kid, I know.

I've been using a 10-mile route on the Balloch Horseshoe to gage how things are going. Before I was preggers (and the week after London marathon) I completed the run in 1:22. At the end of March I did it in 1:35, which I thought was good until I came back at looked up my previous time. Last week I ran with Sara in 1:35 and on Sunday I ran myself in 1:24. So I'm getting there.

I still haven't done any speed work. I'm going to wait until Mid-May and after the Ladies 10K. Then I'll be in serious training for the Devils race in August. I have no idea how I will get on in the 10K. And to be fair, I'm not really that bothered. The only reason I'm running it is because it was my first race way back in 2002 and I would like to complete it every year. If I got under 50 minutes I would be absolutely delighted. But I would be happy with anything under 55. Although I did the Paisley 10K at five months pregnant in 54 minutes, so I would have to have a serious word with myself if it was anything slower. I'll be shelving my 2008 goal of a sub:45 for another year, I think.

Although I think I'm doing OK, I would like to mention my crazy blog buddy Natalie, who ran the Boston Marathon in 4:21 - 10 weeks after having her baby son. That's four minutes faster than my first marathon. Well done, Natalie.

Congratulations to everyone who ran the London Marathon at the weekend. Special congrats to Paul (Brother Sonic) who ran after being injured for three weeks, Athole who ran a stormer in 3:05 and Coach Lesley. We came home on Sunday - with no radio, mobiles or news updates - only to discover the Skybox had crashed :-( It was quite sad to watch the marathon on TV. I ran London in 2004, 2005, 2006 (2007 I did Paris Marathon) and 2008. I've got a guaranteed place for next year, after getting 3:31:00 in 2008, so I might go back and give it another bash. But again, it's on the same weekend as the Fling, so I'm torn.

Anyway, I forgot to mention the most amazing athletic performance of the month. Forget Usain Bolt, you should have seen Dr Crazy German sprint across the carpark when a certain Mr Bragg was in need to some painkillers. Wow I've never seen a burd move so fast :-) We're both running the Devil's this year. I hope we don't have the same competitive rivalry as our husbands, or I'm in serious trouble :-) :-)


Davie said...

Great to see you getting back to fitness. These times are noted and will be passed to our handicap secretary in preparation for the Horseshoe handicap!!!!

Silke said...

Oh dear Debbie, shhh! I guess nothing stays hidden in this ultra-community! If I had a hat with blue lights I would have switched them on! :-)
But do not worry at all about the Devil. I am nowhere near your league. I will just be glad to finish it though Thomas is already giving me time goals. My goal would be to get to the finish in time for the prize giving and all the great food that they had last year!

Brian Mc said...

Sounds like you are making great progress. I'm impressed what with the baby care - we found it occupies us 100% but have no family wihin 300 miles to help which probably makes things more difficult time-wise.

Good luck with the 10k!

Anonymous said...

Slightly here: saw you on Brian MC's blog link list.
Keep up the good work and many more.
Not that my religion is as in the video.
got a distant Scottish ancestor though.

N.D. said...

you are doing awesome!!!I haven't got my speed back yet-only endurance and i'm holding onto these extra 5 lbs - hard to lose! I feel like i'm eating pretty well!! thanks for the shoutout!!! aw!