Tuesday 6 January 2009

A weighty issue

I really thought (or hoped) that I would be one of those gals who only put on a stone and sported a barely visible neat little bump. Unfortunately an evil combination of increased appetite, decreased activity and distinct lack of concern has meant I've topped the scales at 29lbs more than I did in April. Yes, Sharon, that's more the TWO WHOLE STONE. I started out at 8st 2 (114lbs) and I'm now weigh in at 10st 3 (143lbs). It's quite depressing to have reached double figures, but I'll worry about it at the end of the month. My only saving grace is that I've only put on a 1/4 to 1/2 pound every week over the last month. Something to do with minimum space for food and maximum chance of it it reappearing anyway.

After a bit of research (was there ever life before the internet?) I have discovered that the estimated pregnancy weight gain for my height (5'4") and pre-pregnancy weight is between 25lbs and 35lbs. Gaining the average of the weight range, here's where the weight has (or should have) gone.

Uterus 2.4 lbs
Breasts 1 lbs
Blood 3.1 lbs
Water 4.2 lbs
Fat 8.3 lbs
Subtotal 18.9 lbs

Fetus 7.5 lbs
Placenta 1.6 lbs
Amniotic fluid 2.0 lbs
Subtotal 11.1 lbs

Total 30.0 lbs

Phew! This breakdown doesn't make the weight gain so scary after all. I still jump off the scales and switch them off before they start giving out the other stats. The last thing I want to know is my BMI or body fat percentage.


Davie said...

Too late to change your mind?
BTW how's about a warning when you post this sort of info! Us guys don't want to know. We just want the pleasure at the start and the payment.....forever.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

Jeez...I was about to eat, don't think I'll bother, ugh!!!

Clare said...

but you'll feel so good after the first week or two! i actually loved looking in the mirror because going from very pregnant to NOT instantly really makes your tummy look tiny (regardless of whether never-pregnant-you would agree!). took me 3 weeks before i thought i looked fat again (ahh, a blissful 3 weeks!).

Anonymous said...

I bet you lose it all really quickly and you certainly only look to me like you have a bump and nothing else! I hope everything goes well for you - both this month and into your new training! Look forward to seeing you on some runs/races. Thanks for sponsoring me - see pacepusher's blog for triathlon madness! Caroline x x x

N.D. said...

You are so tiny there had to be some extra room for the baby. But I'm in the same boat and wanted to be one of those people where people realized I was pregnant after I had had the baby! It will come off quickly with your activity level and you are right in the middle of the average which is good and normal!