Friday 16 January 2009

Still here.

Wow! Check out the countdown clock for the on slot of mayhem. Two days! Holy sh*t. How did it come round so fast? It feels like only weeks ago that I nearly fainted when the blue cross appeared on the life-changing stick. I really expected to be in for the long haul. Everyone duly informed me (as part of the multitude of "advice") that the last few weeks really drag. Really I think the whole experience has flown in with limited drama.

I think I've still got a wee bit to go though. I've had a few twinges, a bit of backache and LOTS of Braxton Hicks, but nothing to write home about. Sonic was convinced he/she was coming yesterday, but I'm still sitting here like a beached whale.

I'm trying to keep as active as possible, although it's a bit of a struggle to stay motivated. I've been walking a few miles each day, even in the pouring rain. Anything to keep me away from daytime TV. I'm convinced it's a continuation of chat shows, house renovations programmes and repeats, broken-up with commercials for debt consolidation and fad diets. Riveting stuff.

I've got a confession to make. I parked in the Mother and baby space at Tesco - without a baby! I've got no excuse. It was pouring of rain and my ribs and back were aching. There were loads of spaces, so I just nipped in. My Sis (who works in said Tesco) said they're for expecting Mothers too, but I felt really guilty. I practically crawled from the car with shame. I know I'm nearly in the category, but nearly's not enough. Especially considering I make such of drama out of people parking in disabled spaces. It makes me soooo angry.

So please make the baby come soon. Although I'm still quite content being preggers, I'm getting a little bored. Plus, the longer it goes on the more stretched my skin is getting. JK - I've told Sonic that if I get stretch marks I'm blaming you :-) You and your spookily accurate predictions.


Vicky said...

I agree whole heartedly with the issue of non-disabled people parking in the disabled parking spaces.
However, as far as the mother and baby spots go, there was a mother (to be) and a baby in the car so I think its ok :o)
Good luck :o)

Davie Bell said...

Hey Debs,
Number one on my most annoying list is able bodied people parking in disabled bays,especially the night I witnessed two bimbos jump out their car in the disabled bay at the local sports centre then sprint in worried they were going to miss their body pump class,when challenged I was told to F*** off, why does that not surprise me.

Clare said...

my labor started with no warning or sense of impending doom, so it could be today! or next week. not knowing was the worst! good for you staying away from the tv...staying home now i have strict limits on what and when i can watch. if only i were so strict about what i ate...

Marco Consani said...

A little search on the internet and there is loads of ways of bringing on labour. A few dodgy ones and a few I would like to try...;-)


Davie said...

Steady Marco, not the way to earn the Brownie points!
Try the on - off button on the telly. Recomend some Michael Buble and smooth Jazz for relaxation and putting off the inevitable until my guess date!

John Kynaston said...

Sorry Debs but I'm afraid you have another 9 days to wait - 25th remember??

Why not watch a few of Everton's games and use this time to understand a bit more about Football????


Davie said...

Debbie, I'll have to adjust my guess. I said next Thursday and now realise that's the 24th and not the 23rd...... My guess was based on Thursday's child is full of running....

Anonymous said...

Am creasing myself laughing.. I looked at the link wondering if the Australian remedy of "Go for a ride down a bush track in the back of a ute" was there - surprisingly not, but "give your partner oral sex" was. I am not sure, but any guy who is brave enough to quote this research is a dead set legend..

Hope all goes well, crossing fingers for you, but then I am also betting on Australia day (Jan 26th). Reckon you are ok with the mother and child space :-) Cheers Corn Beef

N.D. said...

Hey you SHOULD have parked there. That's nothing to be embarassed about. That is funny!! Hopefully the baby will come along soon!!! I'm sure you are getting anxious. Good job continuing to move!! Get rest too!

Davie said...

My wife has a disabled badge and even if she is in my car I won't park in a disabled space unless I have her badge to display. As far as mother and child goes, she won't use them even if there are no disabled spaces available.
Debbie, and any other pregnant peeps, use 'em. That's what they're for. It'll be obvious to anyone, especially this week.
Also just realised the lack of alcohol is taking effect. Thursday is the 22nd! Defo Thursday for baby Consani!!! No matter what the date this year.
What threw me was paperwork for a meeting. The date is Thursday 24th but it's last years minutes.
Subversive, get me a drink!