Wednesday 21 January 2009

Its a Boy!

Go to for movies and photos


Martin Mayrhofer said...

Great news !
A new runner is born.
Best wishes to you and your lovley baby.

Greetings from Austria

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you, Cairn looks gorgeous.

Nice to see Marco wearing his whw t-shirt on such a special occasion.

Ellen & Murdo xx

allybea said...

Congratulations! He's absolutely beautiful. I'm a sucker for baby boys though ;) Debs, you look gorgeous. Marco, you're not bad either.

We'll always remember Cairn's birthday as No1 son was born on 21st Jan

Much love

Alison and Ian xx

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Absolutely Gorgeous. Well done all three of you...Thanks for posting so quick too!...

oooh does that mean I've won? :-))

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Congratulations!! We were just about to head off to bed and thought we'd check on you -fantastic news!!

Well done to the three of you, and he is absolutely beautiful! Glad it all went well. So just a quick 5 miler for you tomorrow then, Debs??

Davie said...

Congratulations again. So Rachel won:-( Maybe a dead heat with Anita? 13and a 1/2 ozs out! At least I got the weight right!

N.D. said...

YAYyyy!!! congratulations!!!!

Clare said...

oooh, you're going to have SO much fun!!!! congratulations!

Vicky said...

Congratulations you two. He's a gorgeous wee boy.

Well done Debbie.

Lots of love


Jo said...

Congratualtions what a wee cutie, bet you cant wait to get him out in the cool pram!

Billy said...

Congratulations to you all!


Amanda Martin said...

I think I am the proudest auntie alive. Love you both and Congratulations. I love cairn!!!!

Love from Auntie Amanda x x x

ps Wetting the babies head as we speak - or type x x x

Stephen Mulrine said...

Congratulations! Best wishes from Natasha and me to the two of you plus Cairn the bairn!