Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Baby contest and some pix

Here are the final scores on the door. Well done to my Gran and George Reid. Prizes to follow..once I've thought of a suitable prize for each recipient.

Double-click on document below for full list of guesses.

And more importantly, here are some pictures of my boy(s)

Cairn - just minutes old

Sonic being super-helpful :-)


N.D. said...

Aww super cute! Well I guess I am no good at making predictions for sure!!!

Run Mommy said...

Very adorable...look forward to reading more! :)

John Kynaston said...

Good scoring system! Jo did the best of Team Kynaston and I was worst! So much for my powers of prediction.

Loved the photos. One thing I did with our girls was to take a photo every month (on their birth date) for the first two years and make a book of them. It makes a lovely record. I'm sure you are top of all these things but thought I'd mention it.

Run Mommy said...

By the way..what is the name/artist of your wedding song that you have (older posts). I love it!

Clare said...


Davie said...

Subversive put his date in further down the comments box as an afterthought. 25th January was his guess for a further 6 points. Close but no cigar.