Friday 2 December 2011

Poll for Marcothon Tshirt

The lovely Lee Maclean is trying to organise dri fit Tshirts for participants - who will, of course, be finishers. Could you please let me know of this is something that you would like to purchase. Vote on poll below please.


Anonymous said...

this may prove to be a rather pointless poll :) but YES anyway.

Anonymous said...

"someone" that you would like to purchase??? Is Lee Mac for sale???

Or do you mean "something"? ;-)


Afraid I've dnfed already, with no run on the 1st; so the pressure's off. Phew.

Debs M-C said...

Ha ha. Well spotted Murdo :-) Will amend now... before people think Mrs Mac is now a lady of the night. Well, she does have to spend a lot on train/plane fairs these days! :-)

SteveQ said...

I forgot to sign up for the Marcothon officially, but I'm through the first three days. It might get harder now - I think I broke a bone today!

French Cuffs said...

No, I think this is not reasonable.