Wednesday 7 December 2011

IAU Athlete of the Year Nomination

The Marcothon is a great thing, but the messages/notifications have clogged up my personal email account. So much so that I missed an email from Nadeem Khan from the International Association of Ultrarunner (IAU) to say I had made the shortlist for Ahtlete of the Year. I didn't even know until Richie text me to mockingly ask for my autograph. I thought it was strange that I hadn't been notified...and trawled through my email to find it was sent last week. Doh!

I'm still getting over the shock, but this year just keeps getting better. See below (or click on this link) for info.

List of Athletes of the Year Nominated for 2011

2011 was an outstanding year for ultrarunning as it was evident from the performances of our athletes. The following athletes have made the nomination list that has been forwarded to the Member Federations and the IAU Executive Council to be voted on. The results will be announced in the third week of January 2012.

They will select their top 3 athletes (male and female) and these top 3 athletes will receive points (5 points for 1st, 3 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd) and the overall score for each athlete will be compiled.

Congratulations to all the nominated athletes!

Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

Nominees for Athletes of the Year Award 2011

Men (in alphabetical order):

Eliot Kiplagat Biwott KEN 1st 50km World Trophy Final 2:54:53
Patrick Bringer FRA 3rd Trail World Championships 6:47:50
Giorgio Calcaterra ITA 1st World 100km Championships 6:27:32
Erik Clavery FRA 1st Trail World Championships 6:39:07
Ivan Cudin ITA 1st Spartathlon 2011 22:57:40
Andrew Henshaw USA 3rd World 100km Championships 6:44:35
Kaito Iwayama JPN 3rd World Trophy Final 2:59:12
Kilian Jornet ESP 1st Ultra-Trail du Mont Blanc 20:36 :00
Rainer Wilfried Koch GER 1st Los Angeles to New York 522:55:56
Jason Loutitt CAN 2nd Trail World Championships 6:40:32
Andras Low HUN 25th Ultrabalaton 212km 25:53:05
Ian Sharman GBR1st Rocky Racoon 100 Miles 12:44
Pieter Vermeesch BEL 2nd 50km World Trophy Final 2:57:23
Michael Wardian USA 2nd World 100km Championships 6:42:49

Women (in alphabetical order):

Lindsay Anne Van Aswergen RSA 3rd 100km World Championships 7:42:05
Meghan Arbogast USA 5th 100km World Champs (World’s Age Best) 7:51:10
Marina Bychkova RUS 1st 100km World Champss 7:27:29
Monica Carlin ITA 1st 100km del Passatore 7:45:28
Lucy Colquhoun GBR 3rd Trail World Champss 7:57:20
Angela Gargano ITA 1st 12 Hour Belgrade 96km
Maud Gobert FRA 1st Trail World Champss 7:41:31
Emma Gooderham GBR 1st 50km World Trophy Final 3:17:30
Anna Grundahl SWE 1st 24 Hour Bronholm 221.681km
Susan Harrison GBR 2nd 50km World Trophy Final 3:25:05
Lizzie Hawker GBR World’s Best 24 Hours Outdoors 247.06km
Sumie Inagaki JPN World’s Best 24 Hours Indoors 240.631km
Mami Kudo JPN World’s Best 48 Hours Outdoors 368.687km
Szilvia Lubics HUN 1st Spartathlon 2011 29:07:45
Debbie Martin-Consani GBR 5th 24 Hr Commonwealth Champs 208.057km
Cecilia Mora ITA 2nd Trail World Champss 7:50:02
Kami Semick USA 3rd Comrades Marathon 6:26:25
Joanna Zakrzewski GBR 2nd 100km World Champs 7:41:06 & 3rd 50km World Trophy 3:26:37

Do I feel like a fraud? Hell yeah, have you seen who's on the list? But hey, I'm the happiest little fraud in the world :-) By the way, I was fourth in the Commonwealth Champs (not 5th) but I doubt that would make a difference. I'm off to frame my email... :-)


Anonymous said...

Excellent news chik! - not a fraud at all. :-)

Anonymous said...

Still can't believe they left you off the SPOTY11 top 10 list! Well done Debs!

Anonymous said...

That was me, pacepusher, by the way... I always forget to leave my name!!!!!

SteveQ said...

6 women from Great Britain!

btw, made it through day 6 of Marcothon with broken heel and pneumonia. Tomorrow, the high temp's 14F.

Keith Hughes said...
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Keith Hughes said...

Top one Debs - well deserved ! Crack on !

Julie said...

A fraud? - Pah! Bloody well done and fully deserved, Debs! Bask in the glory; you've certainly earnt it this year. xx

John Kynaston said...

Congratulations on being nominated!!

So pleased for you and well deserved after the superb year you've had.

PS ... can I have your autograph as well???

KarenR said...

Brilliant x

Subversive Runner said...

Top girl Debs.xxxx

Caroline said...

Well done - and very well deserved! caroline x

Tim said...

That's fantastic Debbie, and, as others have said, very well deserved.

Santababy said...

not in slightest bit surpised, but very much delighted :o) xxx

Thomas said...

Fantastic Debs! You are a star!