Wednesday 9 March 2011

Waterboarding, anyone?

As some/most of you will know, my next race is the Anglo Celtic Plate in Perth at the end of the month. Some of my trail-loving friends may find it hard to comprehend the idea of 100K on the road. Flat road at that.

To be honest, it's not something I would have willingly signed-up for, but to wear the Scotland vest is not an opportunity I can pass up on. But for those who remain aghast at the concept of 62 miles on tarmac, please allow me to delve into the true layers of horror.

Firstly it's a 1.49 mile lap. Now, I'm not good with maths (terrible, in fact) but I knew that was a lot of laps. 42 in fact. Ultra-running supremo, Jez Bragg informed me that it was "42 opportunities to eat, drink, change kit, lap up the atmosphere from the roaring crowds". Personally, I think that’s 42 opportunities to throw myself in the river!

Then I was informed all GPS and pacing devices are prohibited. I haven't run without a Garmin - even when I was preggers - for about five years. I'm not sure my feet will work without it. Thankfully we're allowed to wear a watch and I had the sense to go pace the course last month.

There are also strict rules about feeding/supports stations. Runners must pick up and drop off at the tables only. Support can't move along with the runner, which is incidentally what I was going to get Sonic to do.

The race starts at 7am on a Sunday morning. Now I quite like an early start, especially for travelling home afterwards. But the day chosen for the race is the day the clocks go forward, so really it's 6am in my head. I probably won't sleep for worrying about what the real time is.

And finally, runners are also prohibited from using ipods, MP3 or similar devices. Of course I discover this three days after buying a new ipod nana with inbuilt radio - specifically for this race. All not lost, as I'm sure I will make good use of it. But really? 62 miles of just me. Alone. With only my crazy thoughts.

Next time I'm going to opt for waterboarding as a more humane and civilised form of torture.

...and then the postie delivered my lovely new kit, and all is forgiven and forgotten. I've put in the miles (I think!) and I can't wait.

Taper time, folks. Don't you just love it?


Kaz said...

I'm so excited for you - it will be awesome to put on your Scotland Kit!
62 miles of flat road on a loop is absolutely insane, but just keep looking down at that Scotland top and I'm sure the loops will fly in!
How you wore a garmin when pregnant I have no idea - I'd have been so depressed to see how slow I was!

Mike Raffan said...

Good luck Debs, do Scotland proud!

John Kynaston said...

Are you going to post a picture in your Scotland Kit?

Hope your shoes match!

It will be really interesting to read your race report after the event and see how you found running for 62miles without aids.

I know you'll be fine and will smoothly run those 42 laps in style.

Looking forward to supporting.

Santababy said...

one good thing i did find (even tho i did a poxy 21) was that i got to see the support crews 21 times! you'll rock it!

NORRY said...

Good Luck on your 62 laps...

You will do the Team proud...


neets next mara said...

horror! no garmin! no ipod! wow my sympathies debbie! just sing to yourself! yes do post pic in gear!!

allybea said...

You will be awesome! Wear that Scotland vest with pride xxx

Fiona Rennie said...

You are a Rampant Lion.

Thomas said...

No iPod? Whenever you lap me I will sing something for you! Deal? ;-)

You will have a great race Debs and will be home in less than 9 hours!

See you soon!

Davie said...

Really chuffed for you and the delivery of the team kit will make it much more exciting. I was going to come through to see the start but 7(or 6)am?!! I have to be in Irvine in the afternoon, but I'm sure I can detour to see you all doing the hamster jamster. And I'll sing too!

Tim said...

I'm sure you'll do brilliantly Debbie, although how your sanity will suffer without your iPod I don't know. ;-)

Looking forward to be a spectator on Sunday. All the best.

Chris Carver said...

I'm sure you'll be fine Debbie. I managed 99 laps there last September - I think it's a really good course.