Monday 15 November 2010

With age comes sense?

At the grand old age of 35 and seven months old, I'm now closer to 40 than 30. Does that make me a proper grown-up? Nope, thanks to my maturity by-pass, I'm suffering from yet another colossal hangover today. On a school day as well.

To set the scene, the Gibbering Midget and I set out in the early dark hours for our long run. I'm not one for eating first thing, let alone 6am on a Sunday morning. So, 19 hilly miles on a empty stomach.

We started at Knightswoods and headed up to Milngavie, onto the West Highland Way and cut off at Killearn and took the track back to strathblane. It was a cracking morning. Nice and fresh. It's just the best time of year for running. I love the autumnal colours and the views of the snow-capped mountains in the background. Yes, I was close to hugging a tree.

There was method to the madness in our route choice, as Sonic was meeting some of the Garscube boys at Strathblane later in the morning.

One Cairn handover and I was off to blitz the house and prepare everything for a surprise birthday party for Sonic. Who's incidentally closer to 40 than me :-) It's a good job the weather has been close to freezing for the last week, as the garage has made a great makeshift secret fridge for party food and drink.

Still too busy to eat.

The usual recruits arrived at 6pm. The upside to being the hostess is direct access to an abundance of food. The downside is direct access to an unlimited supply of wine. The GM duly informed me that even time I came out of the kitchen I was a little bit more sparkled. Unfortunately, it's an unrequited love when it comes to the grape. Will I ever learn? Doubt it.

Happy 36th birthday to Sonic. Who incidentally ran 36 mins dead at the Bella 10K on Saturday. Spooky, eh?


Anonymous said...

36 @ 36 = spooky......

That's not the only thing that's spooky. The piccie taken where the lads are lining up for their run is @ the hotel where I spent the night before my wedding!! Sonic would have been about Cairn's age!!!

Murdo t M

Andy Cole said...

I'm wondering if sense might come with age for me too. Hasn't yet though....

"e Brutto" said...

Your body will tell you to call it a day if you are lucky or perhaps Cairn will share the slightly surreal experience of hearing a top up poured whenever he rings home.
Being considerably older no wiser and of Scottish extraction i.e. much of youth spent red faced from excess.
My 'salvation' was migraines and realising most of my migraines were linked to booze and not just my wimpy nature.
Pretending to drink to excess allows you the same licence ;-) from one glass topped up with grape juice.

John Kynaston said...

Thanks for a great evening!

I did wonder though how much you would remember of our conversation just before we left!

Unknown said...

You must keep those videos coming absolute classic.

keen said...

Nice pics! Keep it up!