Tuesday 23 November 2010

Some running chat

As per previous posting, I'm still following Mark Johnston's training plan Monday-Friday. And basically doing what takes my fancy on Saturday and Sundays.

Here's the phase two plan. Dubbed phase two because it's - obviously - my second burst. Tuesdays and Thursdays are 7-8 miles steady with the speed sessions on Monday and Wednesday

W 17/11 – 6 x 4mins (75secs)
M 22/11 – 10 x 2mins (1min)
W 24/11 – 20min tempo + 6 x 200m
M 29/11 – 7 x triangle hill sprint (continuous) + 2 x 1 mile hill loop (2 – 3mins) W 1/12 – 3 x 8mins (2mins)
M 6/12 – 15 x 1min brisk, 30secs steady fartlek
W 8/12 – 3 x increasing pace killers (2mins)
M 13/12 - 1min, 2min, 3min, 4min, 5min, 4min, 3min, 2min, 1min (1min)
W 15/12 – 7 x figure of 8 hill reps [kelvingrove park]
M 20/12 - 4.8mile canal out & back tempo
W 22/12 – 8 x 3mins (1min)

'Spose I better feedback on phase one...Click on image below.

Thanks to everyone who shared my humour on Sonic's roller stunt.

Since I started this blog way back whenever it was, I've always been quite overwhelmed by the amount of people who read and comment on my drivel on life's ups and downs.

Annoucing I was pregnant - 25 comments
Cairn's first picture - 13 comments
2nd female and 2nd fastest female time ever in DOTH - 6m post-baby - 22 comments
10 hours PB on WHWR 2010 - 24 comments
1st female vet in Scottish Ultra Marathon Series - 4 comments

Post a video of my husband falling off bike - 27 comments. And that doesn't include the emails, texts or facebook messages.

Go figure!

Well now I know what appeals to you, here's a snip of a conversation I had with Sonic on the way to work this morning:

Sonic: I need to run under eight hours for 100K
Me: Well if you run two 3:10 marathons, that gives you 1:40 to run nine miles
Sonic: I think two 3:30 marathons would do it.
Me: That only gives you less than an hour to run nine miles, when you're knackered.
Sonic: OK, but what if I run the nine miles first?


John Kynaston said...

Some good figures Debs .. well done. You're running well.

So that's how you get lots of commments. Can I borrow the rollers for Katrina to have a go??!!!!

BTW - I agree with Sonic - his logic is flawless.

allybea said...

Male logic *shakes head laughing hysterically*

Anonymous said...

Get a case of lager in the baby jogger beside Cairn....great training for Chamonix 2011, Hee! Hee!...and a Gateaux.

...sounds like a spot on pace plan to me Marco.

Bob Allison.

neets next mara said...

good answer!

Unknown said...

Hi Debs
Could I possible have permission to use a couple of your D33 Ultra flickr pictures on http://scottish.biz/Scottish-Marathons-and-Ultra-Marathons/D33-Deeside-Way-Ultra-Ultra-Marathon-in-Scotland-Scottish-Races.htm
I would be happy attribute the pics to you to link to your blog in return. eMail is stuart(at)stuartmacfarlane.com
Cheers Stuart

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