Friday 16 July 2010

A Wee Devil

Last weekend I had my first post-race outing on the West Highland Way. In preparation for the fast-approaching Devil o' the Highland Race (August 7) I did the first half of the course from Tyndrum to Kingshouse.

Sonic and Cairn had "volunteered" to come along, with the view to Sonic running back from Kingshouse to Bridge of Orchy. Leaving poor little Cairn to play team relay baton again.

It went fairly well. Legs good, breathing good, hills not too taxing. I pretty much ran all of the way apart from the hill out of Bridge of Orchy. Times fairly similar to where I was last year. All in all I was quite pleased. Also quite pleased when it was over too (see attached video)

Then it was Sonic's turn to go. Donning one of those outfits that only ultra-runners would deem acceptable for public viewing - complete with Skins and knee-length compression socks. I took great delight in mocking him about his hairs sticking through his socks. Bit of banter back and forth and I nipped it in the bud with a sentence I hope never to use again: "I don't give a f**k what Richie does, you're not shaving your legs".

And here's Sonic playing about with his new iphone. Unfortunately for Cairn, he takes after me and goes bright red when he's hot.

Other stuff

Sunday: 12 mile walk with Cairn. He was in his buggy, before you call the Social
Monday: 4 mile walk + 50 lengths of the pool
Tuesday: 8 mile with 5 mile tempo (7.24, 7.25, 7.32, 7.29, 7.18 ave 7.26)
Wednesday: 5 mile with 6 x 500m reps
Thursday: Club run. 8m with 2 x 2 mile intervals. Killer! 7.17, 7.07 recovery jog and then off again 7.20, 7.03
Today: 50 lengths of the pool.

Yesterday I went to see the Polish Ambassador of Deep Heat to assess the damage in my legs. Not to bad...until he found a knot in my hamstring, which he would not give up on. There was a fair amount of colourful language used. At one point I thought he was going to have to drag me by my ankles to get me back on the table. It's got to be good for you, eh? Because it certainly isn't pleasant.


Davie said...

The P.A of Pain! Give him my regards.

BTW doesn't Cairn know what puddles are for yet?

See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great film clip; good to see you've got Cairn to work getting rid of the rough underfoot stones. When he's finished Rannoch Moor he can move onto Lairig Mor.......

Also seeing Marco in action as back-up support crew. Very slick 'n caring! ;-)

Murdo t M

Kaz said...

Oh Debs! Cairn is so cute - wee rosy cheeks toddling after you! What a lovely sight to see on your run!


John Kynaston said...

Great video!

What's this JK moment????

Have a good day tomorrow supporting Sharon.

The Sunday Adventure Club said...

just thought i'd add that the 'shaved legs' were merely trimmed slightly to help defend against the ferocious midges on the whw! i'm a naturally hairy a**ed Scotsman and proud of it! :o))

Peter Duggan said...

Try carrying Cairn the whole way now and see how long it takes? (Remember you're a warrior!)

And I'm calling the Social anyway unless that's an insulated, hard-top buggy... ;-)

Thomas said...

In deed quite a good camera your hubbies iphone.

And Cairn (left handed?) seems to be on track to become a good ultra runner. Already sprinting on the WHW. But why no hug for his mum?

What's your plan for the Devil's?
Sub 6:45?