Thursday 1 July 2010

Life after death

Although I don't think I'd take my chances with a three-legged donkey right now. Unlike this crazy fool. Click on pic below.

I took a few days off after the race. Swam or walked every day to try to keep things moving. I'm not sure what things, but I remember someone gave me this advice once! :-)

I went for a 4.5m run on Saturday afternoon, which wasn't pretty. I left the house and trotted along the street feeling quite light and fresh, until I hit an incline and my legs turned into a bag of spanners. It was quite muggy, which certainly didn't help. But hey, I was glad to get the first run over with as that the real tester. No damage, just generally tightness and my ankles still feel a little dogdy.

Sunday morning I did another 5 miles. I'd left my car in Bearsden after a BBQ the night before, so it was a good excuse to run out and get it. The route was fairly hilly, but I felt OK. Thankfully the morning was consirably cooler than the previous afternoon.

Tuesday lunchtime I tried a tempo (5m ave 7.29m/m). Maybe not the wisest choice, but there's only so much plodding about you can do. Started out quite rusty, stopped for a quick chat with JK, picked-up in the middle, really struggled with the heat and ended up with a face like a Halloween cake. So much so, that the folks in the office kept asking me if I was feeling OK all afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Don't start back too soon, Debs!

Interesting article on Man vs Horse. There's an annual Man vs Horse race (22 miles distance) somewhere in Wales in which the horse nearly always (but not always, always) wins.

The experience the guy had of the thundering hooves accelerating at great speed to pass him must be like having Jez and the frisky late starters charging past in the H Fling.

Murdo t M

Debs M-C said...

Maybe there should be a Man V Highland Coo race. I'd definitely win that, as I'd be off like rocket!

John Kynaston said...

Good to see you the other day.

Looks like you are recovering well.

Hope your preparation for the Devils goes well and I expect another pb!!