Saturday 17 July 2010

Clyde Stride

I'll leave the official blog reports to Mrs MacPirate (Race Director), the Subversive Runner (her bitch) and all the fabulous starters and finishers who took part in today's inaugural Clyde Stride 40. No doubt everyone has their own stories to tell.

Only in ultra racing could a course be describe as "too short and too flat" in a negative way. Only over such a distance could the winner take a FIVE MILE detour and still come in first. And the lead lady stop to help a lost dog and chap on a door to ask for directions. It's all part of the adventure.

I helped out at the start and then supported the Gibbering Midget and took lots of photos on the way (well, of anyone who was before and slightly after the GM!).

Click here for race pictures.

The Gibbering Midget ran with the super-smiley Jamie Aarons most of the way. Check this out, her ears were actually bleeding at the end.

Just kidding, she collided with a tree branch. I shouldn't joke as I've since heard she had to make a trip to A&E for a couple of clips as the bleeding wouldn't stop. Remember what I said about everyone having their own race story.

Well done y'all. Especially Mrs Mac. It was a pleasure to be a part of it...and even more so being on the sane side of the fence.


Subversive Runner said...

Lovely pics, Deb. What one might expect from a camera that goes 'click, click, click.' ;)


Jamie said...

Thanks for the photographic record of my day's excitement! The A&E doc did a fab job at patching me back together so only a small scar to show for myself. Fingers crossed that'll be the worst of my running injuries:) Who knew the effect the GM would have on me! Can't blame her too much, though, because without her I have little doubt I would have stopped in a self-pity party around mile 25! -jamie:) xx