Thursday 6 May 2010

Back in the saddle

My main goal from the Fling was to recover quite swiftly and get back into training. After a few restless nights (damn adrenaline!), few days of achy legs and a couple of swims, I went back to club training on Thursday night. Let's just say it wasn't finest athletic performance. My legs felt OK, but they didn't feel connected to my body. I was stumbling, tripping and kicking my ankles - all things I do when I'm tired. Not sure whether I was trailing my feet more or the fatigue had effected my foot-eye coordination. For a bit of distraction, my breathing was way worse than my legs. I felt like I was running up hill, even though we were on the monotonous flats of the canal.

Thankfully I felt better towards the end. And on Saturday I had a great run with the Gibbering Midget. We started at Kinghouse and headed up passed the Glencoe Ski Centre. What started as a "let's take is very easy", moved on to a trot up the hills to a full-out race across Rannoch Mor. Both of us feeling quite sprightly. After a night of beer-guzzling in the Clachaig Inn, we weren't so sprightly on Sunday morning. My hangover was short-lived as I was thrown into the frenzy of a lively three-year-olds' birthday party at one of these crazy house play centres.

Monday I took an extra rest day as the family were coming over for lunch. It was just the kick up the ass we needed to get the house (almost) finished.

Tuesday was legs were twitching to go, so embarked on my usual southside tempo route. Two mile warm-up, followed by five at tempo and one for a wee cooldown. Splits: 7.37, 7.21, 7.17, 7.16, 6.59. Took a wee bit to get the ol' pins turning over, but did you notice I did a mile that began with a 6? Did you?

Yesterday morning I did 500m reps. 'Twas OK, but my legs felt it towards the end. Tonight I'm up at the club for a 6m steady, then two days of nothingness before the Women's 10K on Sunday. Talk about one extreme to the other. I can't say I'm overly bothered about it, I would just like to do it every year. Last year it was my comeback (post Cairn) race. If I can enjoy it half a much as I did last year, then I will be happy.


Marco Consani said...

Well done. Fabulous splits for your tempo.
Perhaps you might surprise yourself on Sunday.. :-)


Kaz said...

I did notice the split beginning with 6 - the holy grail for me - I am on a constant quest to break that baby so well done!

I'm so impressed you're back running really well already. Perhaps it comes with more experience and you're legs recover quicker.

Good luck with the 10k - I'm sure you will do a great run.


John Kynaston said...

Yes .... I did notice the 6.59 mile. You are flying at the moment and I'm seriously worried. It's just as well I'm a secure male who doesn't mind getting beaten by a fast running girl (even if you are a vet!!)

I'll be looking out for you on Sunday - have a great run!

ForwardMotion said...

I think also you'll be surprised at how well you do! Make sure none of those 'wider ladies2 start in front tho ;o)

chris mcpeake said...

great tempo run. Talk about picking it up.