Tuesday 11 May 2010

Glasgow Women's 10K

Got myself a wee PB, so I did. 46.41. Nothing to write home about, or blog for that matter, so I'll just give you the brief facts.

Position: 201 out of nearly 11,000.

Splits: 7:12, 7:26, 7:24, 7:34, 7:49, 7:13, 6.51 (that's just for the last 0.29 though)

Report: My legs generally felt ok, until I hit a hill. See mile 4/5 above. That'll be the Fling effect. Or maybe because I'm used to walking and snacking on hills. That'll be the ultra-distance running effect.

Congrats to: Gibbering Midget for donning the Garscube vest, Dr CG for a kicking ass and being v colour coordinated, Mo and Anna for letting me look at their backs the WHOLE way, Debs G (20th)for reminding me why I don't join Johnston's Joggers, Linda K for a fab top 100 poisition, Mrs JK for showing JK and the little JKs how to do it..and to everyone to finished or helped make the event as amazing as it is.

Click here for more pictures. And here for results

Thanks for Sonic and Cairn for support.


Kaz said...

Well done Debs - a great run any way, but particularly so soon after the Fling. Glad you enjoyed it.


Thomas said...

A new PB cannot be a bad sign after your fast 53 miles session only 2 weeks ago.
Although I was hoping you managed sub 6 minute splits. ;-)

Honestly, great result and good speedwork for the 95 miler in 6 weeks!

John Kynaston said...

Well done Debs.

Great photos as well.

Any other races between now and the big one??

allybea said...

Well done hun.

You sent your 2 gorgeous men into a sea of women and they came back unscathed?

Ali x

The Jimmi Henshite Experiences said...

Well done Debs, a PB is a PB, so don't be so modest!


ForwardMotion said...

I knew you'd belt round Debbie. Great PB, well done x