Wednesday 14 October 2009

With maturity, comes acceptance?

As I grow older there are numerous things that I am learning to accept.

1) I will always be a little bit pear-shaped. Mainly because my hips are disproportionate to my chest.
2) The freckles on my shoulders will never disappear.
3) Even though I like my hair colour, I will always get mocked for it. That wasn't a cue for jokes, Waterman.
4) I will never be able to drink wine and not make a t*t of myself.
5) I'll always be rubbish with numbers.
6) I can't tame my sarcasm and will probably always offend someone.
7) And I'm never going to run a good 5K. Or a 10K for that matter.

Try as I might, short distances are not my thing. After Saturday's performance in the Parkrun 5K (23:20) I whimpered something along the lines of "how am I going to get faster?" but really, as I said, acceptance is probably the best way forward. I will continue to use 5Ks and 10Ks as good speed sessions, but they are not my forte. My heart will always lie with the long-distance races. I will never neglect speed work, as I believe it's an important part of marathon training and ultra running.

Anyone can get round a three/six mile course. I know non-runners who have gone out and fluked excellent times. I think the test lies in pushing yourself beyond boundaries. If I put my heart, mind and training to it, could I get a sub:20 5K time? Possibly, maybe. But who cares? Could I get a sub:20hr WHWR? Now that would special.

I think I'm just starting to tap into my ultra-running potential. I'm not going to blow my own trumpet - I'm British! But I'd like to see how I would get on with proper training and a good shot at a race.


RunningMama said...

Ah, maturity. I'm still working on that. And, I'm totally with you on the distance running. Anyone can stumble out of bed and run a 5K/10K. Running longer distances takes more stamina/work/etc.!

Ian said...

I won't argue with points 1 to 6, but I would argue with 7. If you can do 7 hours for the Devil O there is no reason at all you can't do a really good 5k or 10k (or marathon for that matter). However you would need to WANT to do it and train appropriately. If you focus is on the ultras that becomes a lot harder.

Subversive Runner said...

Debs, your last Devil's time is your benchmark. That's special. Who gives a flying fuck about 5 and 10 k times when you've turned in such a magnificent performance over an elite distance?

Re: your hair colour.....I think it's lovely and an absolute boon in the off-road, ultra running world. Detectable in any weather from need for a GPS tracking device. If visibilty is really low a strong magnet should suffice as a 'downed ginger locator.'


John Kynaston said...

Now that's more like it! sub 20 whw ... you're written it ... now train and go for it!



Tim said...

Don't dis the 5K! It's my second favour distance after 95 miles. ;-)

More seriously, of course running a good 5K counts for nothing when it comes to running ultras, it only matters if it matters to *you*. I sense that there is a part of you that is a bit annoyed at your lack of 5K speed.

If I had to choose between my 5K speed or your ultra speed, I'd go for your ultra speed any day!

Unknown said...

You make me laugh at times you really do what brought all this on ?

************ Your Mad ************

Luv JB

Anonymous said...

You're a little bit pear shaped!!!!!!! Dread to think what that makes me....and I will never be able to accept it!

Anonymous said...

I realised 10K was never going to be my distance when I threw up after getting a (slow) PB and then heard someone in front of me saying they were desperate for a smoke!
You don't look at all pear-shaped but if you were it would probably give you a better centre of gravity for running down hills :)

neets next mara said...

debs you are AMAZING! no matter what you do 5k, 50k, 50miles, 96miles you do it! that's what counts - and you do it smiling! just enjoy! there is nothing more powerful than knowing you can run what most people can only drive!! a xxx