Monday 27 October 2008

Mr Bean's weekend

Could someone please explain to me what's happened to my brain? I know short-term memory loss is viewed as part and parcel of being preggers, but I'm taking it to new level.

1) On Thursday night, Sonic had mountain rescue training. To be a little greener and save us taking two cars on a 50-mile round trip to work, I decided to travel in with him and get the train home. Nearing the end of my relaxing train trip home, Sonic called to tell me I'd left my house keys in the car. So he had to drive home and then over to the Beech Trees - making him 1/2 hour late.

2) Thankfully he wasn't annoyed as I got to return the favour on Friday night. I was staying at my Mum's (25 miles away) ahead of our Nessie hunting trip when Sonic called to say he got home to discover he'd lost his house key. So I had to drive back and give him my key.

To start with my tale of weekend blunders...

3) Whilst staying at the Drumnadrochit Hotel on Saturday, I woke up quite early on Sunday morning. The joy of the clocks going back. I thought it be nice to go for a relaxing bath, so I turned on the tap full blast...and then it got stuck. It wouldn't budge and we couldn't find anyone in the hotel to help. 45 mins later (after I'd practically emptied the loch down the plughole) whilst everyone and their granny had a shot at turning it off, a chef with a spanner saved the day. I was kind of over the whole bath thing by then.

4) After checking out, paying the bill and heading off in the car to go our loch cruise, I realised I had left my bag and camera case in the hotel reception. Doh! An about turn to recover the goods and we were on our way.

5) En route home, we stopped at the Green Welly for a break and a snack. As per normal Sunday afternoons, the place was packed. Whilst tucking into a nice slice of a homemade carrot cake, a loud voice came over the tannoy: "This is an urgent customer announcement..." I just knew it was for me. Oh yes, numbnuts here had left her purse and car keys sitting on the counter. Must have been the excitement of cake. Everyone knew it was me, as I lit up like the Ready Brek kid. As I skulked over the the burly chef who was shaking his head, I started mumbling something about pregnancy hormones.

I didn't get a chance to run over the weekend, but maybe that was a good thing. Even I can't be responsible for my own safety anymore :-) Back to it tomorrow though. Honest.


Subversive Runner said...'s been wet recently...your hair is getting rusty and it's leaking into your brain. Nothing to do with pregnancy!!!

N.D. said...

Haha, that's ok. I feel the same way!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Yes I do go to ski club class.
Start in's 12 wks basic training at Gullane;-)
Will check out your friends blog...