Wednesday 1 October 2008

More blethering

Where does the time go? I can't believe it's been a week since my last posting of drivel. Who says pregnancy drags? Now that we're in October, I'm starting to have a slight panic about my distinct lack of preparation and knowledge. I was full of great intentions at the start. I have wonderful collection of books, magazines and DVDs, but no time. As the weeks fly past, I'm finding myself missing chapters in the book as I pass stages. I've also found that maybe ignorance is bliss after all. I'm not sure Sonic can cope with my shrieks of: "they f-ing cut you where?" And watching the baby channel is mashing my brain. I was glued to a programme about some tree-hugger who doesn't use nappies (diapers to my friends in the west), because her baby "tells" her when he needs the toilet. WTF? And then there's the high-drama delivery programmes. It's my new "car-crash viewing" - I know I shouldn't look, but I'm drawn to it.

So now that the holiday's over, I'm trying to get a bit more organised. You know what it's like, life always starts after an event. I spent the first half of the years saying: "Once the marathon is over" or "when the WHWR is over" miraculously think you're going to have all this spare time on your hands. In reality, there's always something else. In my case it should be baby prep, but oh no, what have Sonic and I decided to do? Oh sell our house and buy a bigger one! Perfectly planned timing, don't you think? What started out as a innocent browse on the net, has opened a HUGE can of worms. I've spent the last week or so cleaning, clearing, painting and general DIY-ing.

In the midst of it all my Mum dragged me out pram shopping. How was I to know that three months was leaving it a bit tight? Sonic (bless his heart) did volunteer to come with us, but even I wouldn't have subjected him to a Pram Centre day trip with my Mum, Gran and Sis. I think I'm still recovering from the experience. It's a mind field. The last time I was there was when my Sis was preggers with number two. I was amazed that everyone automatically looks at your midriff. I distinctly remembering sucking in my 24" waist so much that I nearly passed out from oxygen deprivation. This time there was no hope. I just joined the ranks of the bump brigade. I think mums-to-be should be given badges with their due on it when they enter the shop. I mean, how am I supposed to compare myself without this knowledge? Tut! Anyway, meanwhile back at the ranch, I choose a pram. Not after much debating, testing and the mandatory fight with my Mum about who was going to pay. She won. I have to mention that the humorous highlight of the experience was the shop assistant who kept asking my Sister what she was looking for in a pram. Ha ha. It's a good job she's thick-skinned. We had to go to Pizza Hut to get over it ;-)

Anyway, back to running. A couple of weeks ago, I really thought my running days were numbered. It was a real chore and I wasn't enjoying it. Now I've put that blip down to post-holiday fatigue, as I had a fabulous seven mile run on Sunday morning and a great run last night. Mind you, the cooler temperatures are more to my liking now. I think having a winter baby was great accidental planning.

This Sunday I'm running - OK, participating in - the Loch Ness 10K. There's quite a gang of us heading up to Inverness to take part in the Marathon or the 10K, so good luck to everyone. Try not to choke on the post-race beers.


N.D. said...

I don't want to do the math on your countdown - so what's your due date?
Great job keeping up the running! Oii, I think ignorance is better. I don't want to know what is going to be cut, gahh! The thought makes me cringe. Not thinking about it!!
I'm sure you are fine. Good luck at the 10k!

Clare said...

the less we know the better, i totally agree. and also with the winter baby...our lack of planning was also the best thing!

do we get a belly picture anytime soon?? because i'm with you on the's FUN!

good luck in the 10k...i don't mind being slow now so much since i'm looking pregnant lately. there's evidence of a good reason!

N.D. said...

Thanks for answering my questions! Did you have to get some maternity pants? I'm not buying any more shirts, I'll keep the one for when I'm huge -yuck!!! You are doing great with still running and you're due about a month before me, so I'm 4 weeks behind. The wine sounds good, haha. What does it feel like when you feel the baby? I started feeling it the other night, but not much since!

Brian Mc said...

Ah, the joys of pram shopping. We stopped using our sooper dooper (too b****y expensive) Quinny as soon as Eilidh was out of her first sized car, and now use a second hand Graco bought at an NCT sale. Much easier to fold up and Eilidh much prefers to sit upright without shoulder straps on when being pushed. We found the Quinny seat just wouldn't let her do this (as evidenced by much screaming). Oh well - we'll get another few months use out of it for baby number 2 I suppose!

Good luck with the run and beer drinking at the weekend.

Tim said...

Whatever pram you've got, make sure you pick up a lightweight McLaren stroller (like this one as well. Perhaps not suitable from birth but much easier than other buggies for getting into the car, bus etc.

Maybe see you in Inverness! Muriel is doing the 10K. I'm hobbling round the marathon.