Wednesday 24 September 2008

Still here

Fret not, I haven't delved into a life of family-size bars of chocolate or banana pizzas yet. I'm still alive. And I'm still keeping pretty active. I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks because, quite frankly, I've got nothing much to write about. There's no variety to my training, no new route or glorious hills. Just me plodding away with no real goals. No pace or distance drivers. I just want to stay fit and run until my body tells me otherwise. If I can continue to run a few miles a few times a week, then I'll be happy. I still have to endure the disapproving looks of those who don't agree of pregnant exercising. I nearly lost the rag with someone at work who hissed "that's so DANGEROUS" when I told him that I was still running. I was very close to screaming: F-k off. But managed to smile and control my boiling blood and remind him that as long as don't raise my heart rate too much and it doesn't hurt then it's perfectly safe...And then called Sonic and called said person everything under the sun.

I suppose like all pregnant gals, I do get a worried in case anything I do does harm the baby. If (heaven forbid) anything were to go wrong, then the fingers would point at my active lifestyle. Right now I'm just going on the basis (and fact!) that maintaining a level of fitness is good for me and the baby. And for every negative person, there's a positive person patting me on the back for not sitting with my feet up watching soaps.

Now at week 24, my body is telling me (OK, forcing me) to slow down. When I'm at the gym, I've turned the levels down a notch and I'm limited to around 10 m/m when running. I can really feel the extra weight taking it's toll. I've put on 15lbs! Yes Sharon, I've finally tipped the stone mark. I promise I'll never smirk at a overweight or big-busted runner every again. It's tough. Even stairs are a struggle.

For once in my life, I'm not obsessing about food. I am trying to eat healthy though. But without the calorie and fat content counting. I'm eating a lot more bread and cereals than I normally would, but I've really cut down on protein. Before I usually always had chicken or fish for dinner. Now the only time I eat it is between two slices of bread. I suppose I've just gone off it. I don't have any cravings per se. Personally I think that's a bit of a myth. I just like some foods more than others just now. The body is a very clever machine and will let your know what you need. I may have to wean the baby off cottage cheese and spaghetti and toast though.

So onwards and upwards - or outwards in my case. All is well in Camp Consani. Sonic is still getting all my pregnancy symptoms, but he's soldiering on. What a trooper :-)


Marco Consani said...

It's tough but I am surviving. I have swollen ankles and demolished a family sized bag of giant buttons today. I feel sick. Not sure if it is morning sickness or Cadbury's Buttons sickness.
Bah, my wife has it easy.



Debs M-C said...

Don't forget your backaches and fatigue! x

Subversive Runner said...

All this pregnancy lark takes its toll on a fella, Deb. Marco should be congratulated for coming through thus far relatively unscathed.

Regarding your training regime i reckon you should crack on with what works for long as that doesn't involve engaigng in any boxing!

N.D. said...

I am right with you. Many people have said I shouldn't be running or doing races. I would like to say F**K off but I just ignore them and don't get into it. You are doing great. I feel the same way about the running, everytime I go to the doctor I am holding my breath, thinking if anything is to go wrong, everyone will blame me still working out like usual (but slower!) And gaining weight is horrendous. I hate it. 8 pounds and I feel like I swallowed a small child.

Brian Mc said...

I'd recommend exercising by swimming. You can exercise hard and there's no risk of impact damage to yonder wee one. Either that or cycling. My wife Kirstin did both when she was pregnant rather than run.

At a risk of eliciting an expletive, I have to be honest. If something did go wonky, people might point at the fact you ran a lot, and they might be right. Could you live with yourself if that scenario transpired? That's the key question.

Kirstin and I talked about it, and how to accomodate an active lifestyle into pregnancy and decided swimming was the best option. Pregnancy, and then looking after a baby unavoidably require accomodation and change, but there are always ways to avoid having to give up what you really like doing and minimising risks.

Brian Mc said...

I've just spoken to my wife and have found out that I was partially making things up in my last comment. She gave up running for a bit when we were trying to get pregnant, not when she was pregnant. We figured the bashing around of running might not be good for embedding the tiny wee embryo in the womb wall. She just kept up the swimming when she was pregnant as the Doctor advised not taking up new forms of exercising, but that keeping on existing forms of exercise was in fact good for you. So, er, ignore my previous wafflings and keep on running till you are too big. Then try swimming. :-)

John Kynaston said...

Good to read you are still running and feeling healthy. It's an exciting time for you both!

Looking forward to catching up at Loch Ness. Are you still doing the 10k? Katrina is looking forward it (??!).

I'm hoping my foot will stop hurting by then so I can enjoy it rather than endure it!

See you soon


Vicky said...

Good on you for not responding to them.

I think you're best to go with what you feel as nobody knows your body better than you do.

Debs M-C said...

Well recovered, Brian. You only evoked a few responses %-) There could have been angry protesters burning their maternity bras outside your house :-)

John - left a message on your blog. Yes, we'll see you Inverness. It'll be the grand finale for me.

Harvey said...

The pacepushers will also see the three of you in Inverness! We'll be 10k-ing it too, then cheering on the marathon folks. Look forward to seeing you both again.

Clare said...

i missed this post before, but had to comment on the carb craze! i have also stopped paying as much attention to what i eat. not that i eat more or have cravings (i agree with the myth idea), but especially with winter coming and with trying not to be TOO careful about my weight, i let myself eat a lot more carbs than before! i'm going to go all type-A with my eating and working out come february (so i say now) to get any baby weight off (i'm due in dec) so i'm ok with slacking a little bit now...

and i'm right there with the 10min miles...i think i might hit 11 this month or next even, but i just love that i can still run and it feels good!!