Tuesday 16 September 2008

Post-holiday blues

Back from Vietnam. Had a fabulous time. The trekking was pretty challenging in 100 degree heat, but I lived to tell the tale. Actually there's a full holiday tale in progress - once I get round to writing up my travel journal. Watch this space. In the meantime here's a pic of my week 22 belly, which was taken on the last day of my hols. I think I'm having a noodle baby :-)

And here's a picture of my nephew, Jack, in his new t-shirt.


Brian Mc said...

Are you really sure you're pregnant? Thread rather than noodle baby if you carry on not bulging like that!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

My belly is bigger than that -I am DEFINITELY not pregnant!!

N.D. said...

Wow, you are so tiny!!! It is a long baby instead of out!!! How tall are you? I am starting to puff out and I feel like its like WHOAAA!! I think its because I'm short(5-4), but maybe just bc we are all different.

Thomas said...

Welcome back and good morning Glasgow! Looking forward to reading your full report.

Davie said...

Hey, what are Trabucos? I thought that was an opera by Verdi!!!

Salomons not tested enough by me to be able to have an opinion, but I promise I will wear them out by Christmas.
By the Way, I haven't seen My Race, are any of my photos in it?

N.D. said...

I think you are just super tiny!! I am more bulky but lean too I guess - well to start. I have twins in my boobs too. Haha. This is a new thing for me!!

John Kynaston said...

Hi Debs

Looking forward to the holiday report. Great photo!

I really enjoyed your whw race report in myRace magazine. I read it as soon as it arrived and loved it.

Thanks for asking about my foot. It was sore before the Glasgow half and I probably shouldn't have run. My second toe swelled up after the race and it has been sore since. I'm trying to be sensible and I don't want to run until the pain has gone. My doctor said there is some inflamation and it will subside. I'd rather miss Loch Ness and be ready for whw training than push it and set myself back further.

Your friend Ben has been in touch and offered some helpful advice.