Wednesday 29 October 2008

Back on the wagon

With a meagre four mile run. But hey, four miles is four miles. And it's another day that I can keep running. I think I'll stick to four miles a few times during the week and then a six/seven miler at the weekend. I'm putting no time limits on when I need to stop (although people keeps asking me), I'm just going with the flow. At present, all is good. Keeping my heart rate in check and just plodding along enjoying the ride. Towards the end of the tonight's run I had a pain in ass. No, it wasn't growing pains before you make any smart comments. Yes that's you, Waterman, Bell and Hall. Note to self: Do not call child David. It was more like a trapped nerve at the bottom of back. More of a niggle, rather than a pain. And my pelvis ached at the end of run. I'm guessing that's mostly to do with things shifting about a bit. That's my medical analysis anyway.

Had a midwife appointment this afternoon. Just the usual checkup, but with blood tests this time. Apparently I'm still a very healthy specimen, so got the green light to continue what I'm doing.


Clare said...

it's weird how we just make that mental transition that we do what we can, no worries anymore about speed or length. i only hope that stuff matters again once we can be fast and run longer! try a support belt, if you haven't...might help the pelvis.

Davie said...

Moi? Make a comment about bums?
Try lying on your back with your feet and lower legs on the seat of a dining room chair.Bum should be lifted a wee bit off the ground and gravity pulls the muscles/nerves to relieve the trapped nerve. However, be careful bearing in mind your condition!

Hey, I went to a retirement party in Irvine tonight for a guy I worked with when I was 18. Ended up talking about YOU. My niece introduced me to Sharon Law! Cue endless boredom for my sister and niece as we then blethered about running for the rest of the conversation.