Friday 13 February 2015

Kahtoola NANOspikes

In Scotland, we've had our fair share of snow and ice this year.  Snow is lovely, pretty and quite therapeutic to run on.  Ice, on the other hand, is a total pain in the backside.  Often, quite literally, a pain in the backside.

I've switched between Kahtoolas' MICROspikes and Yaktraks, depending on terrain and severity of ice. Both have served me well - and upright - over the years.   I wrote a blog post comparing both back in 2012.  Click here

The Kahtoolas MICROspikes are without doubt one of the best winter running investments.  They're not cheap, but worth it.  On thick ice (especially canal paths) and off road, they give you 100% confidence.  I've actually lost count of the the number of dog walkers who have stopped me to enquiry about my fancy footwear.  

Previously, I used Yaktraks for slippy pavements or thin ice.  MICROspikes are far too aggressive for these conditions.  But after trying the NANOspikes, the Yaktraks really are pale in comparison.  They certainly address all the issues I had with Yaktraks - time consuming to put on, not feeling very secure on ice, tendency to snap and slip off and they catch on everything. Plus, they get a bit tangled up if you squeeze to reduce overall space they take up in your pack.
  • The NANOspikes are lighter, more minimal and altogether a more toned down version of the MICROspikes.  
  • They are made with the same superior quality, hence the price tag.  
  • Your foot literally slips into the rubber, so they are relatively easy to snap on.  There has been many a time that I've carried my Yaktraks in my pack and endured icy pavements (or even run on roads!), just because I couldn't be bothered with the hassle of wresting them on. 
  • The fold in half and come with a compact carry case, so perfect for transporting.  Without tearing holes in your gear.
  • They really comfortable and kinder on the feet, especially on harder surfaces. 
  • Superb traction for icy roads, pavements, paths and compact trails.

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