Wednesday 24 August 2011

Exciting news!

Do you like the new logo on the right? Well, I love it. I was absolutely delighted - and even more shocked! - when MONTANE asked me to be their first female ultra-running sponsored athlete.

When I stopped jumping up and down and shrieking I answered their initial interview questions for their website and marketing material.

Click here to read the interview

Before the news had time to go to my head, I had to get training for the 24-hour race. It started the weekend after the Devils with an 18-mile road run with the lovely Emma. Great company, but let's just say I've had easier runs. An out-and-back on the Clyde Stride route, right through the Pipeband Championships at Glasgow Green. The only time I like the sound of bagpipes is during a race, because it signifies the end or at least the end of a mile. Any other time, I fail to understand how it can be called a "musical" instrument.

Last weekend, I took Friday off work - which is a shame because I LOVE, LOVE my job* - to get in some long runs. I remember when days off were about colossal hangovers and shopping and sunny days were about more than the sheer excitement of getting as much washing on the line as possible. All part of the ageing process, I think.

Anyway, I did 20 miles on Friday morning. 20 miles on Friday afternoon. And another 20 miles on Saturday morning. All on road and on the dullest of routes. All in all, I was pretty pleased with the runs. And even more pleased to have finished three long runs before noon on Saturday. Trainers away and the weekend was all mine. I took Cairn to the park, did some shopping, made homemade seafood for dinner and settled down to watch X Factor with some vino. On any other day, this would have been my idea of heaven. Another part of the ageing process, I think. But after the over-exertion I couldn't really face food even left half a glass of wine. Granted I'd had two glasses prior to my early retirement, but still, It's unheard of.

On Sunday my legs felt fine, but my body felt like someone had sucked out my soul. Combination of many miles, wine and the possibility of some germs, courtesy of Cairn. He's had some kind of lurgy for the passed couple of weeks. Snotty nose and raspy throat. The nursery called me on Wednesday afternoon asking me to pick him as he had a "raging fever". I called the doctor's surgery en route to collect him for an emergency appointment. He looked pretty sorry for himself when I picked up him, but then went skipping into the surgery and proceeded to entertain the packed waiting room with renditions of "Old McDonald Had a Farm". When called for the appointment, the doctor looked over her glasses and said: "Is this the emergency appointment?". I did stutter something about it be billed to me differently, but I guess I'm now on his file as "includes neurotic Mother". You gotta love kids. He was back at nursery the next day.

So far this week has been a bit stop-start, but I think I'm back on track. Last couple of weeks of training before - guess what? - tapering again.

Very best of luck to everyone taking part in the UTMB this weekend. JK set up a site to follow friends of the WHWR throughout the races. Click here.

* I've recently found out that my Editor's wife has discovered my blog :-)


Dale Jamieson said...

woop woop, awesome news Debs. Well in

The Jimmi Henshite Experiences said...

Congratulations Debs! x

SteveQ said...

Congrats! I'm still trying to get endorsed by the makers of Vicodin.

Thomas said...

You are a real star of the show and this is well deserved and I am effin proud to know you!

And you'll rock in that Commonwealth' 24hours!


Santababy said...

couldnt be more deserved. You are a true inspiration Debs, you're so foccused, i'm in awe.
well done


NORRY said...

Great News Debs, You deserve it,

Hope you have a blast at the commonwealth 24hr


ultra collie said...

top stuff and well deserved. a great brand to be sponsored by. they put a lot into the sport