Monday 14 June 2010

Pre-race rituals anyone?

I usually just take two days off before the race. Hey, if it's good enough for Paula, then it's good enough for me. But prior to the last two good races (Devil's and the Fling) I've run the nine-mile circuit of the Kilpatrick Hills the weekend before. Given this morning's torrential rain and grey skies, I was tempted to just stick to the roads. But would that be tempting fate? A ritual is a ritual after all.

So off I went. Me, myself and I. Zero visibility and even less in navigational skills. As I set off into the mist, I promised myself that if I started to get a bit sceptical about the route, I would turn back. I know I've done the circuit a few times, but it's amazing how disorientated you can become in the mist. And lord knows I could do without the drama this weekend.

Being overly cautious about every step, kept me quite steady. Although the eeriness of it all made me want to push on. Even the sheep were freaking me out. When two runners appeared through the mist, I nearly keeled with shock. More so because they asked ME for directions.

Thankfully the faint path is more prominent than I remember. There were a few brief moments of panic, but all and all it was drama free. I was sodding wet and pretty cold, but at least I wasn't lost. Bonus.

So Kilpatrick Hill run? Tick. Now I just need step reps as my final session, a sports massage and two days of nothing.

What are your pre-race rituals?
I know JK does The Braes, WHWRunner and the Crazy German drive their long-suffering wives insane and Sonic (suddenly) develops a lactose intolerance - although he hasn't quite worked out that biscuits have dairy, but peanut butter doesn't.


Subversive Runner said...

My pre-race ritual is to gather together a pile of ridiculously close fitting garments, put them into a bag and travel 400 miles to a strange land full of skirt wearing men. I then attempt to avoid getting bashed up by red haired women.

See you on Saturday, missus.


Anonymous said...

my pre-race ritual is to pack away my black belt in martial arts and look out my skirt for the

allybea said...

Ian has been known to go and buy a new car on the Thursday *rolls eyes*

Keith Hughes said...

I usually relax and walk around with a zen like calm, safe in the knowledge that I am at the peak of my physical existence and am at one with the world.. Yeah right !!