Sunday 21 February 2010

My boobs have relocated to my thighs!

I neglected to mention the good points of Valentine's Day. The lovely Sonic bought me gorgeous roses, chocolates and fabulous North Face slippers. I got him an I owe you (present hadn't arrived in the post) and chocolates, which I think I ate the most of. I did, however, treat to some slap-up sushi and noodles - my favourite. All selfless acts.

Training this week...

Monday: 5.5 steady
Tuesday: 7 miles with 5 miles tempo (7.29m/m)
Wednesday: 6 x 650m reps in Kelvingrove Park - with a cheeky hill in the middle
Thursday: 6.2 mile club run - 25 minute out and back - steady to tempo pace
Friday: Rest

The three hard sessions back-to-back was probably not my wisest choice - not that I've ever made a wise choice - as my legs felt the effects on yesterday's long run.

I met the Gibbering Midget for a 20m(ish) circuit round Helensburgh. BTW the Gibbering Midget is Sharon - not Cairn, as Stephen asked me at club training. He's been walking for about a month now, but he's not progressed into ultra-running yet.

Back in time for Sonic to hand over the relay baton that is our son, before he headed off to the National Country Championships in Falkirk. Sonic that is, Stephen, not Cairn. Obviously I don't need to reiterate the fact that I don't do cross-country, so it works out well for us.

The latest Sonic-ism - it has been a while since I posted one - was during a conversation about how amazed he was that everyone seems to know his name (except they obviously cheer "Marco") at cross-country events. I told Sonic it was because people knew him through me. Joking. To which he replied - in all seriousness - "they probably do know you, because they were dead slow". Well I'm never going to look at my husband for an ego boost. It was right up there with when he pointed out from his latest ultra-running read that the best female ultra runners have no boobs and a higher (for a runner) body fat percentage. Followed by a knowing nod that would explain why my ability lies in a longer distances.

By my own omission, my boobs have gone beyond ridiculously small. Even the Gibbering Midget has been mocking me for it. You know, Little Miss Katie Price!! I would retaliate and tell you about her super un-PC chat about those less-fortunate at her concert the other night, but I'm afraid she might be taken out in a drive-by mobility scooter shooting. I'll just get her back by mentioning she was at a Ronan Keating concert! I know, WTF? But yeah, why would a blind person get a front row seat?

Even before my husband's comments on body fat, I've been trying to work on mine. Even though I'm pretty much the same weight as I was before Cairn (or BC, as we refer to it) my body fat is approx 2% higher. I've been reading Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald, which is one of those random purchases from an Amazon recommends list.

According to this book - and its calculations on optimum weight for peak performance - I'm need to shift 5lbs and 2.5% of body fat. I've put on 3lbs since i stopped breast-feeding in August. Well actually it was less to do with milk supplying and more to do with eating too much :-) I'll keep you posted on progress - once I've got through the book. So far, I would recommend it as an interesting read. I'm hoping to get to a bit where I still eat cake, but I doubt that's going to come up.


Clare said...

not fair...less boob should equal less fat. but i'm in the same boat.

Stephen Mulrine said...

I suppose phrases like "the Gibbering Midget will probably volunteer to drive" should really have tipped me off...

Subversive Runner said...

Martin Hooper has enormous boobs....guess that proves the theory!

Anonymous said...

Shrinking boobs is one of the side-effects of breatsfeeding they don't ell you about :( The upside is that they don't go south when you reach supervetdom :)

prashant said...

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