Saturday 5 December 2009

High five for day five

Still on track for "The Marco Challenge" of running every day in December. As previously mentioned, I'm following Marco's November task of running at least three miles (or 25 mins) every day. In hindsight we should have called in the Marcothon - minimum of 2.62 miles or 26.2 mins. Maybe that could be January's challenge. Although I fully intend on sitting with my feet up on New Year's Day. But don't quote me on that.

Seems like there's quite a following. So far there's Sharon, Anita, Keith, Fiona, Pauline, Andy L, Karin, Deb C, Ailsa, Mark, Euan, and - obviously - Marco and I. Is there anyone I've missed?

So, this week:

Monday: Recovery run round Balloch (This doesn't count as it was still November)
Tuesday: 8 mile southside tempo run (ave 7.48)
Wednesday: 5.5 with warm up and 10 x one minute intervals
Thursday: 5.9 mile club run (ave 8.07)
Friday: 5 mile strides in Glasgow Green
Saturday: 18.5 Home to Balmaha - via WHW (ave 10.26)

Today I ran from home to Balmaha - over the Balloch horseshoe and onto to West Highland Way - with Sharon. I'm loving running with her every weekend of late. We're a really good pace for each other - and we gibber like budgies all the way round. As you can by the elevation chart below, it's tad hilly. Quite pleased to average 10.26 m/m over the 18.5m route.

Maybe it's the oxygen to the brain, but the Sharon-isms are starting to surpass the Marco-isms. To set the scene, Sharon suffers from excruciating painful hands in the cold. She hasn't been diagnosed with Raynard's, but she's as good as. Who would run with gloves in the height of summer? Granted it's not exactly tropical, but you get my drift. Anyway her new theory (passed on from another) is that it could be driving on bumpy roads that has affected the nerves on tips on her fingers. Apparently it's quite common with workers using drills and diggers. Her words "the tips are destroyed with overuse of vibrating tools". When I suggested that might be something she keeps to herself, it took a wee while for the penny to drop :-)


Brian Mc said...

Kirstin my wife has Reynaulds syndrome too and as far I'm aware it hasn't got anything to do with overuse of vibrating tools. Can you tell Sharon that you can get a drug called adelat which relaxes the smooth muscle and stops the painful whiteness? Don't know if it would cause other problems with running but might be worth a shot.

Unknown said...


these types of runs can only build up stamina and leg strength although don't feel you have run every day but if you can manage a run in you should be running. This is the staple of any distance runner.

PS l'm impressed keep up the good work ethnic.


Keith Hughes said...

Nice going Debs, 8/8 for me.. Keep at it !!

Fiona Rennie said...

10/10 so far for me and Pauline and Lesley H is doing it too