Monday 28 December 2009

Belated Christmas wishes

Obviously I haven't had time to blog about running, because I've been too bloody busy running! That's 28 days on the trot. I've lost count of how many of them have been skiting on ice of trudging through snow. I'm all for a white Christmas, but I'm kind of over it now. I don't think I've run faster than a 9m/m in what seems like weeks. I think it's more mental training than physical. Every day I tell myself to wear my fell shoes on the next run. Every day the conditions get worse and I still go out in my road shoes.

Today I had first-hand experience of Karma when I chuckled at a young ned landing on his a*se at the foot of the Squiggley bridge. 20 seconds later I did the exact same thing. Same spot, same graceful landing.

Seems like the majority of Marcothon recruits are still on track. Well done, folks. Not long to go now. Keith - Dave's going to send you a lovely second-hand blouse :-) That's Karma.

Here are few shots of the Garscube Harriers' Santa Race. It's handicapped, so I used the Baby Jogger sob story to go off from scratch. Bev (the winner) also went off at the same time. I must have looked quite comical watching an elf with a buggy chasing another elf through the streets of Bearsden. The best elf won on the day. Well done, Bev. Cairn and I came second. I'll need to come up with a better excuse for next, baby Santa is heavier... :-)

(Bev the winner!!)
(Cairn - mortified by his parents)


Subversive Runner said...

Nice one, Debs. Love the Christmas card, by the way. I'll be seeing Corned Beef tomorrow...karma.x

John Kynaston said...

Great photos Debs!

Congrats on keeping your December challenge going. Only a few more days to go.


neet said...

9 min miles! bloody flying in this!! i did 2.5 miles in 30 mins 2 days running! tho decided to run mostly on roads yesterday so was able to speed up a bit! hoping that after the marcothon in this extreme weather after a couple of days rest when it is over to be running like a whippet!! thanks for inspiration!! i would have hardly got off my fat @rse in december if you hadn't challenged me! i've put on weight tho instead of losing it - any other marcothonites get heavier?? i haven't eaten any more than usual despite it being xmas!!

Anonymous said...

Belated Christmas wishes to you, Marco and Cairn and looking forward to catching up with you on a WHW training run in 2010 - Chris McG (Kilbarchan)

Clare said...

what great costumes!! especially love cairn's mittens!

Stephen Mulrine said...

Do you by any chance have other photos from the finishing line? The timestamps in the image data could be invaluable in sorting out the results!

Anonymous said...

The Santa run looks great. Did the last run of my Marcothon this afternoon along the canal towpath on a fresh fall of snow. It's been fun. Happy New Year everyone.