Thursday 17 December 2009

Day 17 and still on track...just!

The founder of the Marcothon assured me that after two weeks I would feel "fit and light". Well yesterday, I felt like I was riddled with injuries and my nose was running faster than my legs. OK, slight exaggeration. The said founder knows I am prone to slight exaggeration on this blog. Poetic license I think. I do have niggles in my left calve and shin. Mainly because I made the mistake of mentioning a few weeks ago that I never get lower leg problems, it's always my thighs and hips. I have, however, had a cold and sore throat for over a week now. The said founder claims to have been struck the same virus - although he seems to be symptomless. You go figure.

So day 17 of consecutive days running. Well 18, but the one in November doesn't count. There have been many days when I've wanted to chuck the challenge. Possibly in the region of, er, 17. Fitting in a daily run along with the duties of a full-time working Mum trying to get organised for Christmas, has been a challenge. Last night when I sat down to my dinner at 9.30pm, I honestly thought I was hanging together with a very fine thread. Thank heavens for wine. Which brings me on nicely to a comical e-funny I received from Mrs MacPirate.

And to quickly summarise some running:

This week I've been taking it a bit easier, as the last two weeks have been relatively high mileage (over 55 miles)

Saturday: WHW - Milngavie-Drymen-Milngavie 24 mins in 3:52
Sunday: 3.5 miles easy
Monday: 3.5 miles easy
Tuesday: 8 mile tempo (7:49)
Wednesday: 3.5 miles steady
Thursday:7 mile tempo (ave 7:47)

Tomorrow I need to get up before the larks to fit in my run before the day begins. It's my office lunchtime Christmas quiz tomorrow, which will involve a few refreshments. Sonic asked me why I just don't drink, so I can do my run at night. Ha ha. Cue the cartoon strip above.


Marco Consani said...

Maybe it was after three weeks when you start to feel fresh and light.
I do love your definition of an easy week. A 24 mile long run and two tempo runs. Would like to see a tough week. Well I suppose the runs inbetween are short for you.
Over half way there and you are doing fantastic. Well done.

Keith Hughes said...

am in your gabg debs - also been struggling to keep it going and am doing nothing like the mileage you are... All runs are 3+ miles - even if some are only just !
also running 3.0122288 miles tomorrow at sparrows fart ... christmas night out tomottow !! 13 to go ! Hang in there !

Fiona Rennie said...

Pauline and I are still hanging in there, Lesley succumbed to lurgy, I’ve had nothing long for ages, 9 miles on Monday, a good quality hill session on Tuesday, a 5 on Wednesday, a 3 mile on the crunchy grass at Pitreavie last night, an easy 3 again today, it’s the club’s Festive Forest Race at Blairadam tomorrow followed by Christmas night out, Sunday might be ugly!

Subversive Runner said...

'I think you should stop running.'

'I think you should shut the fuck up.'

Fiona Rennie said...

Oh dear, someone sounds so hungover they cannae even manage a tip-toe round the garden!

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The Sunday Adventure Club said...

you're doing great Debs keep it up!
i'm off to feel the smell of real money...

Anonymous said...

21 days now - definitely no sign of fitness nor lightness in my legs yet; maybe it needs the full month then? Still hanging in there though two of my 'extra' runs have been after 10pm because I kept putting off getting my shoes on. T minus 10 days and counting :-)

N.D. said...

wow, I just could not do this.

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ForwardMotion said...

As Fiona said, I sucummed to the lurgy. 12 days in, 12 days off :o( Maybe I can try again in January..... Keep up the good work!!!