Thursday 25 October 2007

There's no time, like Consani time

I was late for training tonight, thanks to the Consani brothers ;-) In this world there is two time zones: the real time. And Consani time. Unfortunately,follow the latter and you will be late for EVERYTHING. OK, there was a legitimate reason about planes, trains and automobiles being late, but hey ho. I had to practically throw myself out of a moving car to meet up with pack as they embarked on a six mile training run...with me running to catch up behind. No warm up, so my legs were like led.
New boy in our pack tonight. He's out though, as he nearly ran the troops in to the ground. We were obviously a bit too slow for him.
My run was OK. Feeling Wednesday's tempo run though. Felt good until the last mile. The hill from Scaethorn up to Maryhill was a nightmare.
No stats as I messed up my Garmin. How did people cope without Garmins anyway?

Ps: Hi Paul. Get out for a run. There are only 170 days until London. Minus three weeks taper and there's only 159 training days ;-)

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