Saturday 17 May 2014

Lessons learned on the track

  • The track isn't that boring.  Unfortunately that probably means that's because I am
  • Changing direction will blow your mind
  • People who hog the inside lane are annoying
  • I hogged the inside lane, therefore I am annoying
  • Banging on the toilet door to hurry up a spectator is probably inappropriate behaviour
  • Maw Broon's caramel shortcake is awesome
  • Chia Charge bars are tasty, calorie dense and easy to eat
  • I didn't need the 20 snack/protein bars I packed.  Two was suffice
  • People Boys go off like rockets and die
  • Even though it was raining at the start, putting on suncream is still a good idea
  • Toenails can just pop off without any warming
  • Focussing on lap time is easier to deal with mentally, than race time and distance
  • I struggle with an Irish accent.  Sorry, Aodhagan, I just smiled and nodded
  • Most runners probably didn't understand my Glasgow accent and just smiled and nodded
  • The six hour race starting in the middle of the 12 hour is very exciting
  • For about 20 minutes and then you want them off the track
  • People run together.  Leo and Dan ran the whole way together.  And I only overheard one girlie spat
  • It's the most time Sonic and I have spent together this year - when he lapped me 40 times
  • Lapped races are the only kind of races when you get to interact with everyone
  • Lap counters have a really tough job
  • I have more in the tank than I think
  • I'm a real drama.  Check me slumped on the track in tears.  Sonic ran 10 miles more than me and he's neither here nor there
  • I don't need an ipod.  I made a bit of a song and dance when the race organisers cited the ban as a UKA rule.  It's not.  My first words to Pam, RD was "it pains me to say this, but not having an ipod made me focus on just running"
  • Distractions are not necessary a good thing
  • I found myself getting defensive when someone on a social media site called the race "pointless"
  • Even though I know it's "pointless"


Robert Osfield said...

Breaking records can't ever be pointless.

Raising the bar and showing what can be achieved if you work hard is inspirational.

Running road in circles is a bit daft even if it's not pointless though :-)

BTW, I've done some analysis on resilience of various ultra runners believe your natural abilities will likely shine through on multi-day events.

Do you have any plans for 48hr races?

Debs M-C said...

Only if you babysit my Son, Robert?Never say never, but it's not on the cards yet.

Marco Consani said...

Oh no Robert. Don't give her any ideas. If Debbie decides to do. 48 hour then I'll NEED to do one too.

Tim said...

Hi Debs, thanks for the shout out for Chia Charge, glad you liked them, I think with your concise description you might have a future in advertising :)
I'm gonna lift your comments and quote youb on twitter, hope thats OK? Hope to see you around at a race one day, cheers T

Robert Osfield said...

Oopps... what did I start...

As for baby sitting for 48hrs, will that be needed? Cairn will be in charge of support soon enough, then shortly after will be racing too.

Tracy Dean said...

Great reading lady, and obvs amazing running as ever. Big smiles :)