Friday 8 March 2013

Big (s)miles

This is lazy blogging, I know, but over the last month running has eaten into my free time.  With the Thames Path 100 looming, February was all about ramping up the miles.  It has been testing (on my legs and time constraints) but I'm truly thankful for my supportive family,  freakishly annoying organisational skills and never hitting the snooze button.  Plus, it's been great having the GM along for the long hails.  Although we need to talk more about the outfits.  We found ourselves on a 6am train to Edinburgh both wearing Buffs, Montane jackets, New Balance compression tightss, gaiters, Hoka and carring Salomon rucksacks... It was like Mary Kate and Ashley meets Dora the Explorer


Unknown said...

You are mental!!!!!

Gary said...

Knackered just reading that :)