Tuesday 6 November 2012

Marcothon 2012

It's that time again, folks!  The 4th Marcothon is underway.

The rules are simply, you must run every day in DECEMBER. Minimum of three miles or 25 minutes – which ever comes first. The challenge starts on December 1 and finishes on December 31. And yes, that includes Christmas Day. See website for full details.

A bit of history: This all started in 2009, when Marco challenged himself to run every day in November. I decided to follow suit and run every day in December. I posted the challenge – and dubbed it the Marcothon - on my blog and before I knew it there was a group of runners equally eager to embrace the winter conditions of December 2009. In 2010, the group was added to Facebook and attracted over 500 runners from across the globe. Last year, we nearly hit 1000!

It's not a competition. Just a personal challenge or an incentive to burn off some beer and turkey dinners. So, who’s up for it the Marcothon 2012?  Sign up on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

No commnents!! Hey ho; I'll be the first ;-)

2 Guesses competition

1.How many folk will sign up for the Marcothon 2012?
2. How many will complete it?

I'll go for 1,876 starting; and 1,124 completing. I may be miles out in both cases; but I'm the closest so far!


Mandi B said...

I missed the 2012 Marcothon, but my friend did it and I decided to try it in January 2013 - so hey ho - im on my 3rd day! legs ache, tired by 3pm...help! lol! Any tips or advice??? Thanks x