Monday 28 September 2009

Holiday pictures and a new addition

Hey folks,

Just a quick update, as life has been rather hectic since we got back from Morocco. Click here to see the pictures.

Great mountain, fabulous country and an interesting trip to Marrakesh. Where else would you get ripped off by cowboy snake charmers, groped, find someone else's hand in your pocket, square up to a crazy man selling other people's false teeth, witness corrupt law enforcers and offered to trade in your wife for 3000 camels. The latter to which Jill piped up with "aye, Camel fags!".

There's a new arrival in Team Consani. Sister Sonic (also known as Lisa) delivered beautiful Chloe on Wednesday night - weighing in at a very healthy 8lb 15 (I know, ouch!). Congratulations to Lisa and Bryan.


The Sunday Adventure Club said...

great pics Debs, i'll have to get myself one of those wrap around the heid buffs!

Brian Mc said...

Congratulations to them. Bizarrely Bryan looks 99% identical to one of my old mates from Edinburgh nicknamed Jauj.

Silke said...

Great pictures! Gets me excited for our upcoming trip!
See you soon. Silke

"e Brutto" said...

Nice cat picture

Not going there - ever and do not imagine I will miss a thing.

Makes a change from baby mania, cats make the same noises and are house trained in a few weeks.
I expect you could get a good price for your brood;¬)

N.D. said...

What a cutie!! I could not find an article or link on what I saw on the news afterwards. I'll let you know if I do!